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Taylor Swift: Stop Telling Selena Gomez To Dump Justin Bieber

Thu, November 29, 2012 6:04pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 60 Comments
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Break Up
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Taylor needs to butt out of BFF Selena’s relationship with Justin! She shouldn’t be giving her friend any advice to break up!

Taylor Swift, I know you think you’re looking out for your best friend Selena Gomez by reportedly encouraging her to break up with Justin Bieber, but you’re making a big mistake! You’re putting yourself in a no-win situation!

Taylor, girlfriends shouldn’t tell another woman to break up with a guy, even someone they’re married to. I understand that you’re worried about Justin’s recent flirting with other women and how it may hurt Selena, but don’t get in the middle. Listen sympathetically and sympathize and support, but don’t just blatantly tell them to break up because they’ll only end up resenting you.

You can’t win, Taylor. If Selena does end things with Justin, she could end up blaming you for her sadness and loneliness, thinking you pushed her into a split she didn’t really want.

On the other hand, if they stay together after you push for a break up, Selena won’t trust you. She’ll wonder why you don’t like Justin and why you tried to break them up. And of course, she will tell Justin, and then he will be mad at you, too.

Taylor, the rule is: even if you know someone is cheating, you’re never supposed to tell. In a cheating situation, the one being cheated on subconsciously knows, but they never want to be confronted with it. It has to be their own decision, they have to want to confront it. Of course, there’s always an exception to this rule. If someone is being physically abused or is involved with an addict — if their life or livelihood is at risk — the rule goes out the window.

The guy in the relationship will resent you when he finds out you’ve pushed for a split, and he will try to undermine your relationship. Don’t risk losing Selena. You need to be neutral — supportive, but not pushing in any way. Be a shoulder to cry on, but not an advisor.

It’s normal for Justin and Selena to have ups and downs, Taylor — they’re young. All relationships have ups and downs. It doesn’t mean you should imply that the grass is greener elsewhere. This relationship could be worth fighting for. Don’t let yourself be the reason it fell apart.

— Bonnie Fuller

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