Jenelle Evans Needs To Stop Smoking Pot & Put Her Son Jace First

Tue, November 27, 2012 1:40pm EST by 15 Comments
Jenelle Evans Arrest Drugs
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During her time on ‘Teen Mom 2′ it’s been clear Jenelle is only concerned about Jenelle — and on the Nov. 26 episode, she proved her love of marijuana and Ke$ha over her son.

It must be hard being a teenager while being a mom, but Jenelle Evans has yet to grow up and take responsibility for the child she gave birth to three years ago. She routinely chooses drugs, guys, booze — and on the Nov. 26 episode of Teen Mom 2, Ke$ha — over her sweet baby boy Jace.

Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans has had custody of Jace since he was just a few months old, and ever since, Jenelle has made only half-hearted verbal threats to get custody back — but has yet to prove she can be a stable caregiver for her son, financially or emotionally.

During season three of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle flat-out admits she is addicted to marijuana, and has no intentions of stopping or trying to pass her drug tests. She was first arrested back in 2010 with her then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp for breaking and entering and drug possession, which put her under the watchful eye of the law — and probation officer.

Even though Jenelle tried a stint in rehab in March 2011, she confessed to her lawyer Dustin Sullivan that she would rather serve a couple weeks in jail and put her probation behind her since she cannot stop smoking marijuana on her own — and will ultimately fail every drug test she is given while on probation.

Her legal troubles are never-ending

Instead of trying to battle her self-proclaimed addiction for her son’s sake, she chooses jail time and being away from her son for a few weeks just to be able to smoke all the marijuana she wants when she gets out.

The one thing that does change her mind about jail is a Ke$ha concert — Jenelle was able to afford TWO second-row tickets, a hotel room, new clothes and feather hair extensions, but can’t prove she can financially provide for her son — which falls during the allotted jail sentence.

However, her decision is made for her when she is surprised by her probation officer by yet another drug test — which she fails, thanks to traces of marijuana and opiates — and is thrown back in the slammer. Even though she calls her mom and begs for the $1,000 to get her out and that she’ll “change,” Barbara makes the wise decision to keep her locked up.

Since the episode filmed in August, 2011 Jenelle has been arrested a shocking five more times, for charges ranging from communicating threats to her former roommate and ex-best friend Hannah Inman in January 2012, to more drug charges after a violent altercation with then-fiance Gary Head in June 2012.

Putting guys and partying over her son

Jenelle also seems to have all the time in the world for her many boyfriends, and never goes very long being single. She has been engaged to two different people in 2012 alone — currently engaged to short-term boyfriend Courtland Rogers — and rekindled her relationship with the volatile Kieffer earlier this year.

On the show, Jenelle is shown repeatedly storming out of her mom’s house whenever they get in an argument, and leaving her infant son crying alone while she goes to smoke. The Nov. 26 episode was no different — Jenelle fought with her mom yet again instead of hearing her out.

She has time to spend with boyfriends, go party with friends, and spend money at the mall and on drugs as fast as she earns it from her Teen Mom 2 salary, but has yet to make a positive effort towards providing a stable environment for Jace.

Turning her life around

It’s clear that Jenelle has a lot of love for her son, and she wants the best for him — she tweets cute pics and updates of their time together all the time — she just needs to keep focusing on her mental health and deal with her obvious addiction to drugs in the proper and healthy way so she can provide the best life possible for Jace.

Hopefully, her fiance Courtland is a strong, committed partner for her and Jace — they all deserve a happy ending.

What do YOU think of Jenelle’s behavior HollyMoms?


– Christina Stiehl

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Posted at 7:27 PM on December 4, 2012  

Jenelle is a piece of trash. She never has been a mother and never will be. She needs to stay in jail and away from jace

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Posted at 1:16 AM on December 4, 2012  

I think jenelle is the most stupidest human being alive! She really needs a reality check and her mom seriously needs to let that stupid girl go. She does not deserve to be a mother. I can’t believe MTV is still paying her, her mother deserves that money for JACE

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Posted at 12:52 PM on December 29, 2012  

I agree!

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Posted at 9:49 PM on December 3, 2012  

Jenelle Evans says sorry for her Mother and Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan and Jenelle
do not going to see Kasha out her son first Jace. her going to court .

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Posted at 11:05 AM on December 1, 2012  

To all the people saying that marijuana is addictive need to do some research. Marijuana has not addictive chemicals in it. When people become “addicted” to marijuana it’s mostly people who are predisposed to having addictive tendencies. It’s not the drug that they’re addicted to, it’s the act of smoking something and you become MENTALLY addicted but you can not become PHYSICALLY addicted to it. And the reason why “everyone and their mother smoking it nowadays” is because this generation is starting to realize that it’s not as big of a taboo that it’s been made out to be since 1937 and that there are plenty of other legal activities that cause more harm than weed.

With that being said Jenelle is using marijuana as a scapegoat and MTV is doing their part in the “Reefer Madness” media to put a stigma on a harmless job. Good job for misinforming the younger generation and ruining the fun for those of us who know the truth. Jenelle, please grow up and realize that all your mistakes are not because you decided to get high for a short time, but because you’re an irresponsible mother/child (yes, you have proven that you are still a child) and that you are not ready for the real world. I’m also sad that MTV chooses to give her money to support her scapegoating and continue to shoot her neglecting her own child. This is all garbage and I wish for the days when MTV didn’t false advertise (Music TeleVision) their channel with crap reality shows instead of music videos and music documentaries like it used to.

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Posted at 9:51 PM on December 3, 2012  

jenelle Evans says sorry to her Mother. and her son

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Posted at 12:49 PM on November 30, 2012  

I was sympathetic to Jenelle’s situation, I’m a lifelong pot smoker and getting in trouble for weed was always a fear of mine. In fact the only time I quit smoking entirely was while I was pregnant with and after my daughter was born, almost two years. I was terrified that once or twice I smoked before I knew I was pregnant would screw up the baby. It didn’t, and my daughter just started college. Having a motherand father that smoked a little weed (no alcohol or heavy drugs) didn’t screw her up either.I’ve really lost all sympathy now that I see she must have smoked it through out her pregnancy. I’m sorry but abortion is a better choice for someone that can’t commit 40 weeks of their body for a healthy baby.

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Posted at 8:46 AM on November 29, 2012  

No, no no, you don’t understand, this is my idol, and I’m not gonna be able to see her if I’m in jail.
I really can’t miss that concert, I really can’t. That’s why I got all these feathers in my hair. Because of the concert. I bought clothes for the concert. I set up hotel rooms for the concert.

Like, no one understands how important this concert is to me. It’s not just a concert. It’s Ke$ha. Like it’s, it’s the person. It’s not just ‘oh I wanna go to a random concert, like, it’s Ke$ha, the girl that I watch videos of on YouTube 30 times a day, I mean like, I’m obsessed with this girl.

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Posted at 6:14 PM on November 27, 2012  

Am I the only person, who feels truly sorry for her mum and son? I am aware she has problems but isn’t really asking for help! But I feel for her mum, she clearly does not want to be raising a baby again, and yeah she might be the cause but she is working damm hard for that grandson of hers! But this is one of those occasions I wish she did a Catelyn and Tyler and put baby Jase up for adoption. Maybe that way he would have got a mummy who completed adored him and put him first! But on a side not…..Does anyone else find that Keisha (clean my teeth with a bottle of jack) is a disturbing Idol????

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Posted at 10:28 PM on November 27, 2012  

I agree, unfortunately this kind of thing is anepidemicin our country and there is little help and support for grandparents who have to step into the parenting role and there are consequences to the kids as well.

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Posted at 5:10 PM on November 27, 2012  

I wonder if she quit smoking when she was pregnant with Jace. Doubtful.

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Posted at 4:54 PM on November 27, 2012  

Weed IS addictive, however I agree with Lori onm everything else. She has mental health problems and weed is a crutch for her. Despite her problems she is being so selfish, and the fighting and yelling with her mother around Jase is absolutely toxic. Telling Jase to tell his Meme to shuddup! wow, whole new low for her. You would think after seeing herself act this way on TV for three years would make her see all her faults and maybe make some changes. She is lucky to have the MTV salary… for now…

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Posted at 8:15 PM on December 11, 2012  

No, not really. The EFFECTS of weed Can be addictive, but generally the ppl ‘addicted’ to weed are the same type of ppl that get addicted to other things because they feel they ‘need’ that buzz to stabilize their mood.
There are plenty of prescribed drugs that have the same general effects as pot.

I know some ppl that are just as “addicted” to things they *think* are their medicine but are mostly mild seditives rather than what they *believe* they are getting. That’s the crux there, Janelle *believes* weed helps her (when it clearly doesn’t) so she *feels* better. It’s the placebo effect.

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Posted at 3:33 PM on November 27, 2012  

That is one dumb little girl ! She needs to go to jail every time I see her crying about she can’t stop smoking weed I feel like smacking her and saying would you like some cheese with that wine ! My god how childish can u be I was sooooooo happy that her poor mama finally left her in jail ! Yea Barbara ! She needs a real reality check ! Take her off the tv that just gives her money to do want she wants! O and mis stupid FYI weed is not addictive !

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Posted at 11:13 PM on November 27, 2012  

Its sad sitution..but I’ve met many many jenelles..some with kids and some without..I was a jenelle except I luckily never had a kid, but she is just spoiled and has a lousy group of friends. She likes attention and obviously started drinking and partying young and got addicted to the attention and instant gratification drugs and alcohol give. And to answer u weed is addictive if it wasn’t why do have everyone and their mother smoking it nowadays? They all say I do it time to time but I can stop, but they don’t..and the reason its addictive no u don’t puke or have seizures like u do with other drugs if u stop smoking. But if you smoke weed regularly and stop you will get moody, antsy and have cravings to smoke. Kinda like when you stop smoking cigs

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