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‘RHOBH’: Taylor Armstrong Was ‘A Mess’ This Week, Says Marisa Zanuck

Wed, November 21, 2012 5:01pm EDT by 3 Comments
Courtesy of Bravo, Marisa Zanuck (inset)

Marisa delivers more candid opinions about this week’s episode — and no housewife is safe!

I love readers because you are fearless and fabulous. You may not always agree with what I have to say, but I respect your opinion because everyone is free to have one, right? I appreciate all of your support for my column and look forward to agreeing, disagreeing and having fun! Life is too short to take things too seriously so let’s speak our mind and if someone doesn’t like it, too bad!

Before I get into this week’s drama, I had a short window to get away from it all so my family and I jetted off to Paris. I am grateful to spend this time with my family in such a beautiful place before I get thrown into the fire that is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I would like to thank those of you who tweeted me questions; keep them coming! FYI, I respond to all of my tweets personally. I don’t have people tweet for me because I want to have a direct relationship with all of you. As promised, I will answer at least one question per column that you tweet me (@marisazanuck).

This week’s question was from @HousewiveFan, who asked: Why weren’t you at Portia’s birthday party? The answer is that I couldn’t attend because I was a surprise addition to the cast and they wanted me to debut later in the season.

@abeninati8, who is so adorable, asked: When will you be introduced on #RHOBH? I officially step into the drama on episode 7 that airs Dec. 17!

Now let’s get to this week’s show! Every episode is better than the last, and this episode was good on so many levels — but there wouldn’t be a show without the drama, so let’s start there! I get why Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump are not talking to each other, but Adrienne said they made amends, so why drag it out? Lisa says she is waiting for an apology, but we have seen this storyline on another Housewives show — and it didn’t end well. We all say crap that we regret, and by now, all the ladies should get that and let it go. Reunion shows are always filled with raw emotions, and things are said in the heat of the moment. I love Adrienne, but have to say it’s pretty clear Lisa doesn’t need the money she would make from selling stories; and frankly, I don’t think Lisa should worry about people thinking she does that for a living. The silent treatment game is immature, and I guess we will find out if they will let it go. It seems clear that Adrienne is ready to get over it, but as for Lisa, she lives by her own rules. If someone else doesn’t follow them, it seems they would have better luck befriending someone else.

I love the Richards family because you can tell how much they love each other. Kimberly Richards was a vision of beauty in her prom dress, and Kim Richards‘ reaction was touching because you could feel the love. Kyle and Alexia’s scene was one that we will all experience with our children — perhaps not in a Porsche, but this is Beverly Hills, people! Would you expect anything less? I have to give it to Kyle for being so relaxed; I may need to be sedated before I drive with my children, especially in LA!

Yolanda Foster is a class act, and her home is everything one would imagine it to be. As a real estate broker at Hilton and Hyland in Beverly Hills, I love seeing how homes reflect the people who live in them. Yolanda’s home matches her perfectly because it is beautiful and classy. That said, the house and the material things didn’t make Yolanda who she is, she is just a good and very cool person in general. Class is not defined by what you have; it is defined by how you behave. FYI, do not expect my house to have a glass refrigerator. Honestly, that would drive me crazy! I don’t have the patience Yolanda does to keep up a glass fridge — and trust me, there’s nothing exciting to see in mine!

Speaking of Yolanda, you finally got to meet her iconic husband David Foster! David is inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame, a three-time Oscar nominee and has won 16 Grammy awards. Apparently Taylor Armstrong didn’t get that memo when she was so rude about the singing. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter if you are a guest in David and Yolanda’s home, or your neighbor’s home; the point is that you should show your hosts some respect — and once again Taylor was a mess. I was looking forward to hearing some of David’s music, but the broken record of Taylor’s gossip about sex muted that again. I really hope I don’t have to hear Taylor gossip about sex again because I just can’t take it anymore, especially when we all know it is a ridiculous rumor. Taylor: gossip, booze and sex don’t mix well together, its just gross. Taylor is a buzz kill.

This episode had a lot of fun and happy moments, but trust me, that won’t last long. This season is going to be one of the most dramatic and shocking off all time. There are several things that happen this season that will change Beverly Hills forever. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is like a juicy soap opera, so I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Revenge and dedicate it to the entire cast:

“Trust is a difficult thing whether it’s finding the right people to trust or trusting the right people who’ll do the wrong thing. But trusting your heart is the riskiest thing of all. In the end, the only person we can truly trust is ourself.”

Bien à vous! And happy Thanksgiving!

— Marisa Zanuck