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Kristen Stewart’s Stylist Begged Her Not To Wear Sneakers

Tue, November 20, 2012 6:25pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 5 Comments
Kristen Stewart Sneakers

The star’s stylist begged her not to pull her infamous shoe swap on the red carpet while promoting ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ — read on for more secrets from the woman behind all of K-Stew’s great get-ups and find out how she’s ‘pushing boundaries’ all the time!

Kristen Stewart has grown up right on the red carpet, in front of the world — and her style has certainly come a long way as well! Tara Swennen has been her stylist since the beginning, and she weighed in on the way K-Stew always ditches her sky-high pumps for dirty sneakers, even if she’s still wearing high-fashion frocks.

“Well, I clearly prefer a heel. I just think it photographs better. Regardless of it being any type of heel, I think it elongates the silhouette, which obviously you always wanna do, make them look taller and have that longer look. But it’s part of her personality; I think it’s fun when she does it. There are definitely times when I have to say, ‘Please, please, please put the heel on just for me,'” she told The Cut.

While she often begs K-Stew to keep her shoes on, she also thinks it’s so cool that she shows off her down-to-earth style whenever she has the chance — and her stylist is so proud of her for taking so many risks on the red carpet, like the gorgeous gowns she has recently shown off. “I think it’s just time. She’s become a woman since I’ve known her. She’s a tomboy at heart (both of us are), but she understands that fashion is an arena, that she can be a chameleon and not dress the way she does every single day. She’ll always change into her Converse by halfway through a carpet, which is to be expected at this point, but she puts on the heels for me for the photos, God bless her. At the end of the day, I want my clients to be comfortable because I think it shows. She needs to put on her sneakers and that’s alright with me,” she said.

While the star often wears seriously short minis, while promoting the final installment of Twilight she opted for glam gowns — and what better way to mark the end of the momentous era! “It all stemmed from the fact that this was the end of a big chapter in her life. Twilight is coming to a close, so we wanted to do stronger looks. Just recently, she’s embraced doing the long-gown thing, so it was definitely an opportunity for me to stick as many as I could on her. We just wanted to make a grand escape, I guess, rather than a grand entrance. And through the years, she’s come into her own, and so now she’s letting me play a little bit more. I’m going from a glam moment to an androgynous moment from one carpet to the next; we like making sure that we push boundaries on every carpet.”

K-Stew has really grown up in front of Tara’s eyes — and obviously, her style has grown with her! “It all came with embracing her womanhood. When it all started, she was 15 years old, I think, and she was a young girl, she was a young teen. Now she’s 22, and she’s a young woman. There are certain things you can pull off when you’re older that you can’t as a young teenager. She’s grown into being more comfortable on the red carpet; she’s definitely embracing elegance and gracefulness. Obviously I’ve been able to push more on her, but I think her confidence level is really the thing that’s changed the most over the years,” she said.

K-Stew may feel most comfortable in jeans and a tee, but she’s never looked more glamorous on the red carpet! Tara and Kristen clearly make an amazing team, and we can’t wait to see what K-Stew will be wearing next.

Katrina Mitzeliotis

The Cut