Kate Middleton Disses Kim Kardashian

Tue, November 20, 2012 9:01pm EST by 14 Comments
Kate Middleton Disses Kim Kardashian

Kim has always been a fan of Kate’s and during her recent trip to London, the reality star was hoping to meet the Duchess of Cambridge. However, things didn’t turn out quite the way Kim had planned.

Did Kate Middleton snub Kim Kardashian? According to a new report, Kate is not a fan and didn’t even respond to her lunch invitation. Ouch!

A source tells Star Magazine, “Kate is not a fan of Kim at all.”

“The fact that she got her fame from a sex tape is quite disturbing to Kate. She thinks all Kim does is flaunt her millions, while so many around the world are struggling and that she should be doing more for charity.”

The report goes on to say that Kate is offended that Kim wears so much fur. It goes against Kate’s beliefs!

“Kate is a huge animal lover and believes that wearing fur like Kim does, is just cruel,” says the insider. “The only way you will see Kate meeting with Kim is if she uses her fame to help others.”

Maybe if Kim stops wearing fur, Kate might be open to another lunch invitation. What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kate give Kim a chance?

Sandra Clark

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Anette Juhl Allton

Posted at 9:23 AM on January 21, 2013  

So nice to see a royal person stand up to her opinions. In this case about real fur. In Denmark the royal family wears a lot of fur and I don’t support the monarchy because of that any longer. Animal welfare means a lot to me and real fur is so unacceptable in my world! Thank you so much, Kate!!!

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i said it , so what ?

Posted at 11:43 PM on December 29, 2012  

i dont agree with people saying how others should spend their fortune , im sorry but while she didnt get famous for a ” good reason ” is up to her to spend them however she wishes . sure , itll be great if she would donate to charities and such but at least other stars do …

and btw , kate shouldnt brag too much because we all know she is only famous for being william’s wife .
is not like she was this great wqoman helping out on charities and she became so famopus for helkping others that she was being introduced to all these famous people and then happened to have william fall in love with her for spending all these time helping others .

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Khloe Odom- Kardashian

Posted at 10:44 AM on December 28, 2012  

@ Melanie…..I think Kim is selling one of her bowel movements on E-bay…..her crap goes to the highest bidder…you’d better go to e-bay immediately before some other idiot like…Deon, Anna S, LIsa or Michelle beat u in the bidding war.I

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Posted at 5:26 PM on November 21, 2012  

This is all made up lies,I know this for sure. Careful Bonnie,Remembered what happened to the last newsman that caused Bad press for Kate.

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Posted at 9:44 AM on November 21, 2012  

Can’t believe Kim thinks she is enough oh a somebody to ask her for lunch. She’s not worthy of being an inviter. I used to like their show. Madr me wish I got if made like them. But as I grew up over the years, the Kardashians are nothing but gold digging fame whores. I know, not a shocker. But I can’t stand her. And Kanye. And her damn Mom. Mom needs to start being a mom and not try to be another sister. Bruce’s face is fugly. The only one I sorta respect is Khloe. She’s the odd one but she works! And her marriage is real.

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Posted at 6:48 AM on November 21, 2012  

i do not think that kate said anything to anybody.too secretive for this type of gossip.

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Posted at 1:07 AM on November 21, 2012  

Why do you all still insist on printing this lie? NONE of this sh*t happened, when are you going to give it up? I guess as long as you have idiots that believe it you will keep printing it, some of these people on this site are so ridiculously foolish to believe this bullsh*t. SMDH!!!!

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Posted at 7:41 PM on November 22, 2012  

@ Mel…yet here YOU are, huh?

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Posted at 12:50 AM on November 21, 2012  

Yes, it is disturbing that Kim got fame from a sex tape…….. Wow! And Kate thinks that Kim should help charities and people around the world with her millions, I think Kate is right!

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Give me a break

Posted at 11:11 PM on November 20, 2012  

Why and the world would this woman think that a royal princess would have the time or the desire to see her? What has she done to catch the eye of the Royal Family? Please…spare me. The only reason Oprah even bothered was for ratings. The Royal family doesn’t do “Reality”.

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Posted at 10:31 PM on November 20, 2012  

So Kim is famous because of a sex tape, thats true but lets not forget Kate was nude all over magazines as well… so…?

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Posted at 11:03 PM on November 20, 2012  

To Answer your question, Kate’s nude pictures were taking in PRIVATE PROPERTY while she was in vacation, she didn’t know that someone was photographing her and I can bet you that if she’d have knew she would have never done that besides her photos were sold without her concern. In Kim’s case well she’s a B*tch there’s not really that much to say except that she videotaped HERSELF having sex and then sold it. so yeah Big difference honey

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Posted at 7:32 AM on November 21, 2012  

Kate’s photos were taken without her permission on a vacation and she was already famous before that whole scandal hapened. They were sold to a magazine without her permission too. Kim made a sex tape and sold it and that’s how she got her fame. I don’t think that Princesses should even be mixing with whores.

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Quita Poo

Posted at 10:06 PM on November 20, 2012  

Kate is my Kind of woman!

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