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‘Sister Wives’ Infertile Meri Gets Pressured To Have Another Baby

Mon, November 19, 2012 1:17pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 26 Comments
Courtesy Of TLC

Is it fair that Meri gets sent on a major guilt trip to have another baby, by her own teen daughter, Mariah? Mariah really knows how to turn on Meri’s tears with baby pressure!

Sister Wives Kody Brown already has 17 kids with four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. But that doesn’t stop him from telling us that he wants to be a father again.

Meri Gets Guilt Tripped

When he announces that on last night’s, Nov. 18, premiere episode of Sister Wives, he only adds to the guilt trip that Meri’s daughter Mariah, 17, has just sent her on. It hardly seems fair that Kody puts the pressure on, especially when his newest baby, Solomon, by fourth wife Robyn, is only five months old and little daughter Truely, by third wife Christine, is only two.

But that doesn’t stop polygamist and presumably still unemployed dad Kody from not adding his own push for Meri to get on the baby producing bandwagon again.

She has been tortured for years by infertility after producing her sole daughter Mariah, who is now graduating high school. Her torment has been relentless as every other one of Kody’s wives, all of whom he married after her, easily produced broods of babies.

But now fertile Robyn has given her new hope by offering to be a surrogate for Meri to have her own new baby so she won’t be an empty nester.

The problem, of course, is that now Meri, (be careful of what you wish for), isn’t totally sure she wants to get back into diaper and drool world. She kind of likes her independence after all.

Mariah Puts The Pressure On

That is until Mariah hits her up with sincere tears, begging for a sibling on last nights show.

“You can chose whether you want to be an empty nester,” she points out to her mom and Kody as she starts crying. “For as long as I can remember, I have prayed every single night that God would bless you, us, with another baby, and if you choose not to, you’re taking something away from all of us.” Ouch!

Poor Meri. Mariah makes it awfully hard for her to turn down Robyn’s offer. “If it’s sitting right in front of you, why not take it,” points out Mariah, who admits that she loves all of her 16 siblings (Kody’s other kids), but still feels it would be different to have a full-blooded brother or sister of her own.

It’s a heavy-duty moment and not surprising that Meri breaks down in tears and sobs to Mariah and Kody. “I haven’t made a decision. I need a little more time to figure it out…I don’t know what I want.”

Well, she may not know. But interestingly, Mariah does have very strong ideas about her own life. If there is a benefit of polygamy and sister wives, Mariah as an “only” child has seen it. She didn’t have to grow up as an “only” child, and that must be one of the reasons she is determined to be a sister wife like her moms. But she also plans are being a doctor — good for Mariah — and she tours the University of Utah with her parents.

You do have to hand it to Kody. He doesn’t fear being surrounded by strong women — at one point calling himself his wives’ “pool boy” and “boy toy.”

Madison’s Different Goals

While Mariah plans on a career as a doctor and a marriage as a sister wife, teen daughter Madison, 16, is just as adamant that she will NEVER join sister wifedom, and Kody is ok with that.

“I would not be able to share my husband,” she tells her non-polygamist friends. “It does not appeal to me AT ALL.”

She points out that she has friends from all over and that Mariah hangs out with a bunch of Mormons. But she’s keen to point out that her values are still strong. “I don’t drink or have any interest in being sloppy. I’ve seen girls make a lot of mistakes.”

Trying To Find The Perfect Homes And Lives

The rest of the episode focuses on the “drama” of whether Kody and all his wives will qualify for loans to buy their four dream houses all next to each other on a quiet Las Vegas cul de sac — so they can all be physically close to each other again.

“I feel like a single mom, and that’s not what I signed up for,” Christine points out, talking about how she and her six children only see Kody every fourth night now.

Robyn meanwhile worries that her debts will derail the family homebuying plans. We find out that Robyn was impoverished after her divorce, living in a trailer with her three kids, barely able to make ends meet on her salary.

“My priority was to keep a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and electricity,” she reveals. She couldn’t pay off debts she assumed from her ex-husband after her divorce.

Poor Robyn — no wonder life as a fourth wife to Kody looked good in comparison. But honestly, Robyn’s plight as a cash-strapped single mom is hardly uncommon. She certainly wasn’t a taker or moocher — just a survivor trying to protect and provide for her kids.

Now she has a chance to give back to the Brown family with a baby for Meri. So the big question remains: will Meri take up Robyn’s generous offer and make Mariah and Kody happy or has independence become too precious for Meri to give up for a baby? Stay tuned.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Meri have a baby with Robyn as a surrogate or has her life moved on from baby time?

— Bonnie Fuller

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