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‘Teen Mom 2’ Premiere: Kailyn Feels Threatened Over Jo’s ‘Hoodrat’

Tue, November 13, 2012 12:35am EDT by 5 Comments
Teen Mom 2 Premiere
Courtesy of MTV

The moms are back and bringing the drama! Leah isn’t ready to completely give up on her marriage to Corey, and Jenelle tries to get her life back on track — then makes a huge mistake that could cost her everything.

Teen Mom 2 returned on Nov. 12, and all four of the moms are in dramatically different places than when season 2 left off. Leah Messer and Corey Simms are still divorcing, but Leah isn’t ready to let go of her marriage just yet. Kailyn Lowry finds out baby daddy Jo has been seeing someone else, and Chelsea Houska is taking her relationship with Adam slowly.


Since Leah’s divorce from Corey, she has been a single mom living on her own in the trailer she bought last season, and raising her twins Ali and Aleeah. Even though Corey pays child support, Leah is eager to make their relationship work — and isn’t ready for divorce just yet.

However, Corey won’t budge and is adamant that their marriage  is over. Their co-parenting seems to be going well though, and when both show up for Ali’s doctor appointments, they display the loving, caring parents they always were.

And best news of all — Ali’s progress is going amazingly! Doctors believe she will walk at some point, and say that even though all kids develop at different rates, they are happy with Ali’s progress.


Chelsea is broken up with Adam for the millionth time, but the former couple is acting more like they are on-again than off-again. She insists that they are just friends and “taking things slow” for the sake of Aubrey, but in typical Adam-Chelsea fashion, we know they’ll be back on in no time.

Chelsea and Adam try to go out to dinner with Aubrey, but when she starts to get fussy — and Adam legitimately has no clue what to do — they decide it’s better to get takeout and hang out at home.

They appear to be one little happy family, but we know it’s just the calm before the storm with these two. As she logically told her friend, “[Adam is] always going to be in the picture, so we might as well get along,” adding that since neither of them are dating anyone, why not hang out together? Because that’s worked out so well in the past.

In other non-Adam news, Chelsea wants to start working at a salon to get her foot in the door with beauty school, even though she needs to finish her GED tests.


Jenelle is back from rehab and seems to be getting her life back on track. She swears she hasn’t smoked since leaving — she passed a drug test with flying colors — and has learned positive coping skills for dealing with stress and anxiety that don’t involve a bong.

Her mom Barbara Evans even is allowing Jenelle to babysit Jace on Saturdays again, and she has been around more to help with feeding, bathing, and watching Jace. Jenelle even applies for a job at a daycare center! It looks like she really is turning her life around.

But when Barbara and Jenelle get in yet another fight — which is inevitable with these two — Jenelle turns to her old habits, and goes out, which leads to her smoking pot again.

Jenelle begins to worry if she’ll fail another drug test. If she does, she could go back to jail — and lose custody of Jace forever.


Last season left off with Kail hooking up with Jo while she was still dating Jordan. Now, Kailyn and Jordan are no longer together, and she left her old job at Sports Authority where they were once co-workers.

She still thinks there’s still hope for a romantic relationship between her and Jo — until she finds out about the mystery girl “V” from his music video. Kailyn confesses to her friend that she wants her family back together, and doesn’t feel comfortable with this “hoodrat” hanging around her son.

“She’s laying in the same bed I was laying in when I was pregnant with Issaac,” she told her friend, confessing that she feels jealous and a bit insecure.

But it looks like the tables have turned on poor Kailyn! She was sneaking around with Jordan behind Jo’s back during season 1 — even bringing baby Issaac around her boyfriend — and now Jo is doing the same, introducing their baby to his new lady. And Kail is NOT happy.

When she confronts Jo about being a sidepiece, he insists that he’s not in a position to date anyone seriously — a classic line from a player.

And just in case you haven’t seen the music video from Jo, aka “NICK B,” check it out in all of it’s low-budget glory below — and the mystery hoodrat in question, who apparently “nonchalantly smells like fresh laundry.”

What did YOU think of the Teen Mom 2 premiere HollyMoms? Let us know in the comments below!


— Christina Stiehl

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