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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Ruby Loses Control & Someone Dies

Sun, November 11, 2012 11:02pm EDT by Andy Swift 16 Comments

This week’s twisted fairy tale led to the ultimate game of wolf and mouse.

When poor Billy’s corpse was found in a dumpster on the Nov. 11 episode of Once Upon A Time — side note: Billy was Cinderella’s fat mouse BFF Gus in the Enchanted Forest — everyone pointed fingers at the town’s wolf-in-waitress’s clothing, Ruby (Meghan Ory). But because Charming (Josh Dallas) is as brilliant as he is beautiful, he deduced that Ruby had been framed for a murder she didn’t commit!

Long story short, Albert (Alan Dale) was responsible for setting up Ruby, as part of his grand-master plan to usurp control of Storybrooke. And after an angry mob, equipped with pitchforks and torches — but sadly not singing “Kill the Beast” à la Beauty and the Beast — went hunting for the wayward wolf, the truth was finally exposed.

I enjoyed watching Charming and Ruby working together this week, but am I the only who got a serious uh-oh feeling about their relationship? They have a surprising amount of chemistry as a pair, and considering there could be a lot more about their history we still don’t know, I’m thinking this could be a big problem.

Albert got the last laugh, however, as he burned Jefferson’s (Sebastian Stan) hat, which Charming was planning on using to unite the two worlds.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) fiery dreams were beginning to take a physical toll on him, so Regina (Lana Parrilla) asked Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) to conjure up a solution. He gave Henry a necklace that would take care of the flames — but we’ll get to that later on.

Cheaper By The Pack:

While Ruby may not have committed murder in Storybrooke, she did quite a bit of killing during a flashback to the Enchanted Forest. This week’s trip down enchanted memory lane gave a little more of her back story, specifically how she learned to embrace her wolf-y ways.

A chance encounter with a handsome devil named Quinn — and aren’t they all handsome devils on this show? — led her to meet an entire pack of wolves, including her mother, Anita (Annabeth Gish)! Ruby’s new pack taught her to love herself for the wolf she is, but all hell broke loose when Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) found her way to the pack. She was followed by King George’s soldiers, who made quick work of poor, handsome Quinn.

Furious over the intrusion, Anita demanded that her daughter kill Snow, but she couldn’t do it, and Anita ended up losing her own life as a consequence.

Nightmare-ing Beauty:

Meanwhile in present-day Enchanted Forest, Aurora (Sarah Bolger) had another fiery dream of her own, only this time, she actually communicated with Henry. Using the pendant he received from Mr. Gold, Henry extinguished the flames and introduced himself to Aurora — a fact that came as quite a shock to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow.

Am I the only one who was surprised that they were surprised? For people who have dealt with ogres, giants and evil witches over the course of three weeks, they’re unusually close minded.

What’s your take on this week’s episode? Did you squee when Billy revealed he’s really Gus? Do you share my uh-oh feeling about Charming and Ruby? Drop me a comment with your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

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