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90210 Recap: The Truth About Naomi’s Kiss Comes Out — Sort Of

Mon, November 5, 2012 10:44pm EDT by Andy Swift 15 Comments
90210 Ryan Lochte
Courtesy of The CW

Could this be the end of Naomi & Max? Again? Five episodes has to be a new record for those two.

The Nov. 5 episode of 90210 was… well, it was pretty uneventful. Liam (Matt Lanter) got lost in the woods; Annie (Shenae Grimes) got another new admirer; and Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) got up close and personal with Ryan Lochte. OK, so it wasn’t totally uneventful.

Besides an extremely brief encounter with the Olympian — Ryan said less than 20 words, but was shirtless the entire time, so whatevs — Naomi’s camping trip with Max (Josh Zuckerman) was a total bust. Not only did she almost get them both killed, but Max told her he knew about her kiss with Alec, and now their marriage may be over as quickly as it (never should have) started.

Annie’s flavor of the week:

Meanwhile, Silver’s (Jessica Stroup) naked photo shoot went viral overnight — for those of you keeping score, this is indeed her third nude scandal — but Annie’s new suitor Colin (Rob Mayes) swooped in to save the day. Thank God Beverly Hills is crawling with hot, single computer nerds!

And while Annie celebrated by going on “the best date ever” with Colin, Silver paid a visit to a burlesque club to “sign up.” Apparently it’s not enough to have a former escort in their ranks; the gang needs a soon-to-be-pregnant stripper, too!

I don’t want to say Adrianna’s a slut, but…

Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is kind of a slut. Her plan to get Taylor (Wes Brown) to leave her alone somehow ended with her performing a sexy striptease — and kissing him. I re-watched the scene twice to figure out how she ended up at that absurd destination, and I can only conclude that the girl is subconsciously determined to sabotage every aspect of her life. … But we kind of knew that already, right?

Immediately after kissing Taylor, Adrianna hopped back into bed with Dixon (Tristan Wilds), who had just been told he was too crippled to perform at Navid’s (Michael Steger Jr.) club opening. Apparently Dixon’s car accident was only the start of a season-long beating. That poor guy should probably just pack it up and move back to Kansas. Game over, bro.

And then there’s Liam:

Liam is tired of not being taken seriously, you guys. The human-turned-model-turned-actor struggled with his new co-star’s incessant need to drum up publicity this week, so he escaped for a boys’ weekend in the woods. Of course, he got more publicity than he bargained for when he got “lost” in the woods and needed her to rescue him.

In the end, he agreed to her ridiculous demands — and he ripped his shirt open, so really, we all won this battle.

What’s your take on this week’s episode? Do you still have hope for Naomi and Max’s marriage? Am I being too hard on Adrianna? Drop me a comment with your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

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