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‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s Enemy Discovers Her True Identity

Sun, November 4, 2012 11:17pm EDT by 2 Comments
Revenge Episode 206 Illusion
Courtesy of ABC

Plus, find out which Hamptons bachelor almost kissed Emily!

The Nov. 4 episode of Revenge finally gave Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) a worthy occasion — the Grayson wedding — to wear another stunning red dress; and this event had more fireworks than the annual Fourth of July party!

Emily and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) sent Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) on a wild goose chase, leading him back to the Graysons, which is exactly where Emily wanted him to be. Amanda successfully convinced Mason that she was indeed Amanda after she proved she had her scar removed. She also directed Mason’s attention to Gordon Murphy and the Graysons.

After following the trail set by Emily and Amanda, Mason stumbled upon a dead Gordon Murphy  — that Emily had conveniently been keeping on ice for a later date — and a ring that belonged to Conrad (Henry Czerny)!

Not only did Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) refuse to attend her own parents’ wedding, but Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) distracted her husband during their big day so detectives could search for evidence to convict him of Gordon Murphy’s murder! Her plan worked, as he was arrested at his own wedding and Victoria could end up with everything! (Man, karma’s a b***h.)

Meanwhile, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) took matters into his own hands by attending the Grayson wedding, despite Emily’s wishes for him to stay away. He confronted Padma about her meeting with Daniel (Joshua Bowman) to discuss David’s contract, and asked exactly how far she was willing to go to protect NolCorp. Now Nolan is keeping secrets, while manipulating others. (Nice work, grasshopper. You’ve learned many things.)

In couples news, Jack (Nick Wechsler) reopened the Stowaway and proposed to Amanda — and my heart slowly shattered when she said yes. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Declan (Connor Paolo) reunited, and Emily and Aiden shared wine… and almost a kiss.

Oh, and Jack Porter got a haircut! I repeat, Jack Porter got a haircut!

Finally, Conrad was once again a puppet in the hands of his enemies. The Initiative had him released from jail hours after he was booked, but Conrad had absolutely no idea what he promised them in return. Then, as Mason heavily questioned and accused Victoria, she let it slip that Emily was just some “juevy girl” who didn’t deserve her son. Mason connected the dots and discovered the truth! (No seriously, this time his suspicions were correct.)

Next week in the Hamptons, it looks like the real Amanda and Mason will be playing a rousing game of “Let’s Make a Deal.” All of my money is on Emily…

How do you think Emily and Mason’s face-off will play out? Drop a comment with your best theories!

— Jaymie Bailey

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