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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Karl Lagerfeld Stops By & Althea’s Claws Come Out

Fri, November 2, 2012 9:40am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment
Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
Courtesy of Lifetime

Designer & former ‘Runway’ contestant shared his hilarious take on last night’s episode — read on for all the details! It may only be the second week, but from over-the-top guests to tension in the workroom, this episode was full of drama.

The episode opens with the designers having to choose a shoe from the Nine West showroom in order to inspire a show-stopping 70’s outfit. I am very excited for this challenge, because who doesn’t love to dress a party girl? Plus getting some inspiration from a fabulous shoe should be relatively easy.

When we see the designers at Mood they all look pretty frantic. They are racing around, searching for some 70’s excitement fabric. Wendy is going to do a leather pant and she is running around looking for some fabric and chains and you can tell she is getting a little stressed. At one point I think she says she can’t even handle the pressure.

When we get back to the workroom, we see all the designers begin to compare their skill level and develop friendships. Althea begins to start questioning, “Who is real and on her level.” All the designers are nervous about competing against Ullie and Anthony Ryan. Everyone pretty much sees themselves up against those two.

As they’re working you hear Casanova’s inspiration, which cracks me up. It’s a ‘Nylon Slutty Girl’ challenge, he thinks of the dress as something that should be picked up at the dry cleaners shortly after being worn because the girl doesn’t remember what happened — and I can imagine his fuscia dress being just that as he starts draping it against the mannequin.

As we see the designs start to come together, Laura Kathleen says Wendy is “killing it” if she is trying to design a costume.

As Joanna comes into the workroom to start her critique, we see everyone get a lot of advice. It seems that Ivy is working more for the prize than for the challenge and Kayne has to line up those stripes in order to make those palazzo pants work.

As the designers finish their day with a 70’s style dance party we see them gather for a very special announcement back at home — and it is quite an exciting announcer! The one and only KARL LAGERFELD gives the designers a great piece of advice, which is so inspirational and true: be creative and don’t be afraid. That is what being a designer is about — believing in what you can create and make.

As we see the designers finish up their creations I love when Ullie says that her design is a “New Ullie,” which I believe makes it a Newllie. Hope that’s a good thing in front of the judges!

Runway Day:
The designers are frantic and Andre looks like he is about to have a panic attack!

On the top we have:
Ullie with her futuristic Cherokee


Wendy ends up going home because that outfit really did feel more like a costume. Best of luck in the future to the new and fun Wendy Pepper!

Michael Costello

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