Drew Barrymore Lauching Makeup Line For Wal-Mart: Get The Details

Mon, October 29, 2012 10:52am EST by 1 Comment
Drew Barrymore Makeup Line

The CoverGirl is reportedly creating her own makeup brand to be sold at the mass retailer–find out the scoop here!

Drew Barrymore, 37, has been a face for CoverGirl since 2007, and now, according to WWD, the star is going to branch out by launching her own makeup line once her contract ends in Jan 2013.

Drew’s beauty line is said to be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. She’s reportedly been working with with the Italian-based Intercos, the leading supplier of color cosmetics, makeup and skin care.

This is Drew’s first foray into beauty marketing, and sources say the project will also be the first full makeup brand developed from scratch exclusively for Wal-Mart.

A spokeswoman at P&G said Barrymore “continues to be a Cover Girl,” without saying when the contract is due to end. “As a rule, we don’t discuss the details of our contracts with our celebrities and ambassadors,” she said.

Drew has definitely taken an interest in being more than just a pretty face for CoverGirl. When she signed on with Cover Girl in April 2007, she not only was cast as the brand’s face but also took a leading role in producing the television campaign as its co-creative director. Prior to that, she worked for Lancôme with makeup artist Gucci Westman.

HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Drew should launch a makeup line? Sound off below!


– Jennifer Tzeses

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Posted at 10:10 PM on January 15, 2013  


Made In America….duh! about 37 years to late. Yeap! 1975 was the last year America had a trade surplus. duh! Just how old is little Ms Drew?

And did you read today where the 5 and Dime was gonna buy more Made In America…duh! does this mean they gonna move their Global Procurement Office in China to the Ozark hills of Arkansas…

duh! and what about that port deal they made with Li Ka-shing back in 2006 in Mexico….are all those “flowers” going to that port to be shipped to all those nice people in Asia….

duh! you did know Wal*Mart puts less than 5% foreign in all their stores in China…..duh! you did know that….right..!!

Sad! it has taken that company thirty-seven years to realize just how bad they have screwed the We the People and now they think they can put it in reverse and make it all go away.

You young people in the United States of America have no idea….none..!! You run around with one of those so-call smart phone thumbing the sh!! out of it, use a GPS gadget to get you from point A to point B because you to lazy to make your mind work hard enough to remember it…..and the saddest part buy all that so-call cheaper foreign stuff thinking its gonna make you wealthier…


My America didn’t have 46 million people on food stamps and 20 million unemployed in 1975….the last year America had a trade surplus…the year President Ford appointed another O’fart by the name of Bush to be Chief of the US Liaison Office in the People’s Republic of China…..duh! the year Social Security was pegged to inflation….duh! the year Sam Walton went to Seoul…. and the year Jimmy Hoffa up and disappeared.

Oh! and wasn’t that the same year little Ms Drew made her first appearance on God’s green Earth naked as a J-Bird an not an ounce of original sin in that beautiful little heart of hers….

and fast forward thirty-seven years when this great union of states are looking at a government debt over $16 trillion and O’fart’s like myself remembering the debt we left behind the day little Ms Drew was born of only $533,189,000,000.00…..

Sad…! it’s all about the greed of money and running like a scalded dog trying to stay up with Mr and Mrs Jones by maxing out ten different credit cards.

Well, you young people need to look around….if you don’t know it now there will come a time that you will…this is God’s little game and you are only pawns in his/her strategy to win….

You arrived naked as a J-Bird with a baby pretty smooth tattoo free skin body and not one ounce of that original sin…..spend your whole life being push to the left and to the right, filling your pocket books and purses up with wealth or your minds with regrats….some get knowledge…some get the shaft….but when God gets tired of playing the game with you ….you will leave God’s green Earth the same way you entered…..not an ounce of wealth except what you have in your head….a naked body pure of sin except what you did with it….

and if you’re one of the lucky few….

a little “flower” behind each ear put there by little Ms Drew that was taken off a shelf from inside a 5 and Dime by the name of Wal*Mart….

Whoopie!!! Made In America is the only way out of this mess because foreign made put US here.

And if you really think that so-call foreign is much cheaper…please think about those fifteen cargo ships that pollute as much as 760 million automobiles and the $9 billion tax dollars that is taken from all Americans each year to clean the fish from ballast tanks of ships…

Ms Drew, this O’fart would like to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart that you are going to have your product Made In America.

If only 311 million more Americans would put these union of states first again we as a nation of one could surely have it much easier at playing God’s little game while we are here.

To all you people that would like to mock and make fun of this O’fart in the way I construct a sentence, spell or whatever….feel free because all those words that were written above came from my heart and not from this keyboard attached to my laptop.

Go right ahead…this game for me is almost over with anyway.

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