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Mrs. Jonas — Thank You For Finally Accepting Danielle Into The Family

Mon, October 29, 2012 4:59pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 21 Comments
Danielle Jonas Mother in Law

On ‘Married To Jonas,’ we saw the strained relationship between Kevin’s wife Danielle and his Mom Denise. But in the season finale, there was an emotional breakthrough!

Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas have been happily married since December 2009, but becoming Mrs. Jonas wasn’t so easy for Danielle — particularly since she was the first woman besides Mama Jonas to enter the family!

Since the very beginning of the series, Danielle has tried incredibly hard to impress Mrs. Jonas — and in the season finale, she finally recognized all her efforts.

A Dinner Party Disaster

In the season premiere of the show, Danielle and Kevin throw a dinner party for his parents. Mrs. Jonas comes over and double checks all the food. She even comments that maybe they should put the chicken back in the oven so no one gets salmonella!

“Kevin’s mom is so put together, I get nervous around her because I don’t want to say the wrong thing. I’m afraid I’m going to say something stupid!” Dani admits.

Mama J Admits She Is “Impossible”

In the next episode, Mrs. Jonas complains to Kevin that she was disappointed that Dani put out paper napkins at the dinner party. The horror!

Poor Dani says, “Sometimes I feel like I can’t do anything right.” Kevin’s mother admits she feels like she can’t wait for the three more daughter-in-laws, so she can start over with each one.

Right after Mrs. Jonas says, “I get that I’m impossible,” Dani admits she has crippling anxiety and takes medication for her disorder.

Fast forward to the season finale, and Danielle is still trying her best to impress. Although she uses paper napkins again, Kevin hires a caterer to take the pressure off Danielle, and Danielle tries to decorate to perfection, starting with floating candles in the pool.

A Tearful And Honest Moment

Finally a breakthrough — “I just want you to feel comfortable,” Mama Jonas insists.

“I’m really proud of you. You’ve impressed me,” Mrs. Jonas tears up as she tells Dani.

I’m so happy Mrs. Jonas is finally appreciating the hard work Dani puts into her marriage with Kevin, despite her anxiety issues.

Dani’s Hard Work Pays Off

As a newly engaged person, I know how important is it to feel comfortable around your in-laws and how exhausting it can sometimes be to put your best foot forward every second you’re around them. It’s definitely necessary for there to be a comfort level as two families join together.

It’s hard enough to blend into another family as “normal” people, and much harder if it’s a rich, famous and public family like the Jonas family. I think Dani has done a great job so far!

I think it’s about time Danielle is accepting into the Jonas family, especially since a baby might not be too far away.

“Me and Dani are about to start trying to have a baby. I’m so ready for what the future holds,” Kevin said in the season finale.

Do you think Mrs. Jonas was too harsh on Danielle, HollywoodLifers?


— Dory Larrabee

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