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‘Revenge’ Recap: An Old Enemy Returns — And Knows Emily’s Secret

Sun, October 28, 2012 10:53pm EDT by 1 Comment
Revenge Season 2 Episode 5
Courtesy of ABC

Plus, Daniel makes a smart business decision! (Shocking, we know.)

Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) was back in the Hamptons on the Oct. 28 episode of Revenge — and shacking up with the Graysons! Considering Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) thought she’d gotten rid of her enemy a long time ago, you can imagine the look of pure shock on her face when Kara stepped foot in Grayson Manor. (And those two redefined the ‘awkward hug.’)

Victoria offered Kara a place to stay, but only to keep an eye on her. (It’s not like she could actually have made a nice gesture!) Victoria and Conrad (Henry Czerny) were shaking in their boots now that the one person who could ruin them forever was back in town, so they concocted a plan… to get married! Yes, the Graysons wanted to publicly display their marriage and agree not to testify against each other in court. How sweet!

Meanwhile, Aiden investigated and attempted to take down Grayson Global by posing as Takeda’s proxy. During his mission, someone appeared interested in David Clarke’s contract at the company — and that someone was Padma, Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) new friend and CFO. She hoped NolCorp hadn’t invested while David was an employee, since they didn’t want a terrorist handling their finances. The only problem was that Nolan’s Company had not invested in Grayson Global at all. David had an exclusivity clause, meaning he could work only for Grayson Global, and now they had a controlling interest in NolCorp. In other words, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) actually did something right by discussing money matters with Aiden! (Because who really thought Daniel even understood the basics of the company? Let’s face it, he just looks really good in a suit.)

Meanwhile, EVERYONE in the Hamptons was crying. Amanda (Margarita Levivera) finally came out of her coma and saw her baby boy, the only innocent being left in town. She also talked with Kara, who told her that she wasn’t in control of her actions — aka drowning her own daughter — for the longest time due to being crazy. Listening outside of the room, Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) eyes filled with tears as her mother apologized to Amanda. If David could forgive her for drowning their daughter, surely she could forgive her too; and according to Emily, she wanted to forgive her mother.

Since everyone decided to be mushy and tell the truth, Emily confessed that she lied about Jack (Nick Weschler) being the father of her baby in order to keep Amanda on her side!

If things weren’t bad enough, Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) was back — and whistling — in the Hamptons, creepier than ever. He’d been doing some serious research while he was away, because he confronted faux-manda about the scar she’d received in foster care that seems to have disappeared!

Let’s just hope something mysteriously happens to him before he reveals Emily’s true identity! Plane explosion, anyone?

Do you think Emily and Amanda’s act is up, or will they find a way to take care of Mason? Drop a comment with your theories and predictions!

— Jaymie Bailey