Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart ‘Kissing & Cuddling’ At Prince Concert

Sat, October 27, 2012 12:21pm EST by 90 Comments
Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Concert Date

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Jack Hammer

Posted at 7:16 AM on October 29, 2012  

@ Rina. Don’t be so harsh with those “scum paparazzi” without whom Kristen would still be f____ing that old man RuPig Sanders to this very day. She only apologized to the affair a week later after the photos were published. Instead Rob should be eternally grateful to them for exposing her skanky trampy behavior!

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Posted at 11:09 PM on October 28, 2012  

I understand they must be sick of being photographed and followed by the scum paparazzi, but it seems like these kids do not have anybody to give them advise! The more they hide and try to be like this, the more they will be followed…they are, maybe knowingly, adding fuel to the fire. I bet that if they start to let themselves be photographed together and drop the “privacy” act, the fire will extinguish…eventually… don’t get me wrong, I like them both and I wish them the best, but this cover-your-face act is getting old..

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Catherine Dove (@notthistwilight)

Posted at 7:42 PM on October 28, 2012  

It’s totally believable for Rob to give Kristen another chance – MOST people who go through this ARE still in love. The REASON why so many Twihards are still NUTS over this issue is because of our OWN obsessions surrounding them. Time to put blame where it belongs – on Stephenie Meyer’s “professional” book publisher and production company for poor literary editing, structure and STORYTELLING in general that CAUSED all these ridiculous, irresponsible, PREVENTABLE addictions. Search “Research Twilight Breaking Dawn” for blogspot called, “explaintwilightbreakingdawnending” for the info.

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Posted at 5:59 PM on October 28, 2012  

I don’t get folks saying leave them alone their private lives are theirs.That’s a load of bull. I’m sorry people feel their life isn’t up for review but they made it that way when they choose to develop anything other than a professional relationship one around the movie. To be honest…they should have never mixed business with pleasure and kept the movie the movie and not mixed Bella and Edward with K and R living. Regardless of the self control necessary over a period of time it can be done. and actors make movies every day without becoming romatically involved. They made a choice to parade themselves together as a couple and the results is that their personal lives are now woven into the movie makeup. To be honest…I’m sure summit made it worth their while $$$. So screaming leave them alone, their private life is theirs, etc. etc. just doesn’t hold water when you are drawing 2% of the movie gross and you’ve been constantly parading your togetherness in public with numerous sitings and playing games with onlookers to keep Pr interest going. Part of the PR ploy to earn your dollars and your interest. Wake up and smell the coffee folks.They both put a for sale sign on their backs when they started this game. Sad thing is that they failed to realize the real cost of their agreed actions…lost of privacy and freedom. But that fat bank account makes the suffering a little easier.

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Posted at 1:47 PM on October 28, 2012  

this camera people saved robert for even more worst situation Kristen and Rupert could still be in some parking lot if not getting a room this time and plans for SWATH2 he should thank paparazi give credit when credit is due


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Posted at 1:45 PM on October 28, 2012  

With Rupert she wont cover because its true love that nobody wont understand

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Posted at 2:50 AM on October 28, 2012  

i’m happy for them

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Posted at 8:18 PM on October 27, 2012  

I love Kristen n Robert, hope the 2 of them will always be happy together, live happily ever after.

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Posted at 4:59 PM on October 28, 2012  

theres no happily ever after for Kristen will cheat again giving the oppurtunity to do it.

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Bobbye Smith

Posted at 7:52 PM on October 29, 2012  

I could not agree with you more. Rob will be away making movies and ads for Dior, Kristen will have a man coming in the back door while Rob is exiting the front door!!!

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