Two Teens Who Bullied Felicia Garcia Suspended From School

Sat, October 27, 2012 2:28pm EST by 56 Comments
Felicia Garcia Suicide
Courtesy of Facebook

Two teens have been suspended for bullying a 15-year-old, who jumped in front of a train, after ‘video of her group sex with four football players was posted online.’ Is this punishment enough?

Felicia Garcia, 15, had been branded a “slut” and relentlessly tormented by fellow classmates, after she had group sex with four football players during a wild party on Oct. 19 — and a videotape of the sexual encounter surfaced on the Internet.

The tormented high school freshman, who was living with a foster family, killed herself on Oct. 24, when she fell backwards onto the train tracks after school at Huguenot Staten Island Railway — in front of her horrified classmates.

The pair of students, both 17, who were suspended, “abused and made fun of” Felecia following rumors claiming she had sex with four football players.

“The dismissed students were not on the school’s team. These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives,” a source told The Advance.

Do you think the punishment is enough, HollyMoms?

– Chris Rogers

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Rick Cain

Posted at 1:54 PM on November 19, 2013  

America is a football culture, we hold them as heroes and warriors, and thus they are allowed to get away with things others couldn’t. even at the highschool level this is true. This is just another example of america’s football hero obsession. None of the football players will get in trouble.

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Myra Lawson

Posted at 9:32 AM on January 19, 2013  

I am sickened by what happened to this young girl!! Anyone involved with the group sex should be castrated!!! The people who bullied her should be BRANDED with a red hot poker as a BULLY so
That we will know how cruel they were as to torture someone to death!!! They should all be branded for life!, and be forced to remember the horror and shame this girl felt the last few days of her life and what she felt as she threw herself in front of the train. You disgust me to no end!!!!!

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Posted at 5:10 PM on January 18, 2013  

@ Kittykatt- I am amazed by your post. We point fingers, judge, laugh, cackle, scream, hit and make someones life miserable for what? Because she had sex with more than one boy. I in no way condone teenage sex, but look at her life. If people spent time trying to get to know someone as much as they bully, (which is alot of energy from their own insecurities and issues) they would realize what a hard life this young lady has had. She was beautiful regardless of faults and we all have them. Ask how come and how may I help. Be a productive part of society, not reactive.

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Posted at 2:13 PM on October 29, 2012  

OK, this broad whores herself around with football plays and thought she won’t get caught? I don’t feel bad at all, that’s on her. Weak ppl kill themselves and proved to her “bullies” (she was tournamented on how dumb she acted). Like I said I do not feel bad for her. Oh well.
Just being honest… saying it the nicest way possible.

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Posted at 5:04 PM on January 18, 2013  

You sound like someone who knew her, possibly one of her bullies. Because a young girl may be loose sexually does not mean “she whores herself around”, it means she is insecure and has very low self esteem. Her parents are dead, she grew up in foster homes and you have no empathy nor sympathy. I question you as a person, one day when you have children, remember your words on this post you have written because it all comes back and hits you when you least expect it. There is no nice way to what you are saying. You are internally empty, that is even more sad.

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Posted at 12:57 PM on September 16, 2014  

I’m sorry, I meant Kittykat. I love you, SouthFLgirl. I just misread the names.

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Posted at 12:56 PM on September 16, 2014  

Well, I’ll gladly say that I hope your blood spills on the ground in a brawl, and I hope your genitalia gets slowly cut off with an oyster sheller. I hope your death is long and painful. I’d pay to see you die, SouthFLgirl.

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windy city

Posted at 1:18 PM on October 29, 2012  

…The 4 players broke the schools own athletic code. It is incumbent upon the school to kick them off the squad…

…”As a representative of a Tottenville High School athletic team, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that is favorable to yourself, your school and your team. ” – That is from Tottenville HS manual.

Unless the team is undefeated?…Naw, a school wouldn’t look the other way, would they…or would they?

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Redd Pino

Posted at 12:00 AM on November 11, 2012  

They woudl turn a blind eye for less than that! I know first hand with my own exeriences in this school!

SILive reported a student, Nicholas Melnyk, 17, as saying:

“This is really hard for me, because I lost my friend two years back, Kyle, the same thing,” he said, his voice trailing off. “We just went to his grave this weekend.”

Seems like an epedemic…..

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Posted at 5:05 PM on January 18, 2013  

@ Windy City, well said!

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Posted at 8:48 PM on October 28, 2012  

Reblogged this on Second chances and commented:
It is high time we teach children that one does not go far by making others feel bad.

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Toly Philips

Posted at 3:15 PM on October 28, 2012  

So… Where are the football players who had sex with the minor
So… Where are the guardians, who chose to raise this child
So… Where are those who feel dysfunctional families are on equal footing with traditional
So… Where are the advocates of teen sex without responsibility
So… Where are those think teens can think before they are given guidelines (or what to think)
So… God is with her now because of she lived among wolves…

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Posted at 2:33 PM on October 28, 2012  

Yes by definition of the word she is a slut if you have sex wih more than one person in your lifetime you can be called a slut. BUT this is a word all about connotation not definition. While by definition you are not a b*tch for calling her a slut (last time I checked dogs don’t talk or type) by connotation of the word okay yeah a b*tch. Words are stronger than definitions when you say slut as a derogatory slur it’s clear and definition takes a back seat. Hence movements like SlutWalk.
In no way do I condone a 15 year old having sex to begin with but nor would I shame her for the moment. Looking for help in these situations is not as easy as one would hope. Especially when some in position to help would blame her just as many people have done here.

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Redd Pino

Posted at 12:02 AM on November 11, 2012  

Sad thig is the young men involved aslo particpated but they are labled as “The man” …. more like murders…if you ask me!

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