Rihanna’s Best Friend’s Cruel Diss To Karrueche Tran

Thu, October 25, 2012 8:49pm EST by 64 Comments
Karrueche Tran Rihanna Twitter War
Courtesy of Twitter, FameFlynet

Melissa Forde, Rihanna’s best friend, hurled a racist slur towards Karrueche while trying to defend Rihanna from haters on Twitter. Not cool! Read on for details.

Fans of both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran have been at war on the Internet ever since Chris Brown confirmed he ended his relationship with Karrueche in early October and has begun dating Rihanna again. RiRi’s best friend Melissa Forde decided to step into the battle on Wednesday, Oct. 25 to defend her friend, but in the process, she used an ugly racist slur to refer to Karrueche!

In a rant on Instagram, Melissa was telling a Karrueche supporter that it was fine for them to dislike Rihanna, but they shouldn’t insult her — just before she used an insult herself. “I get that you don’t like my Bfff and trust you don’t have to cuz the one thing u not liking us will do is stop anything from moving forward!” Melissa wrote.

She continues, hurling a slur aimed at Karrueche’s Asian ethnicity, “U can be rice cake’s friend I don’t give a f**k but keep up all this disrespectful talk and while ure fake profile having azz is typing on Instagram MEE Melissa T Forde will be the one knockin on your door asking u to come talk Face to Face!”

Rihanna didn’t seem to pleased with her friend’s behavior, as she tweeted, “Melissa T Fooooorde! Stop it!!!”

Was Melissa’s comment out of line, HollywoodLifers?

– Billy Nilles

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Posted at 6:20 PM on September 5, 2013  

I thought that rihanna bff was katy perry, at least she was better than that racist human being…

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Posted at 10:05 PM on January 21, 2013  

I’m very disappointed that 40.6% voted “No” on the poll. It’s never right to use racial slurs.

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Posted at 3:27 AM on October 28, 2012  

hey riri you are the one who inspired me to play gutiar

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Melissa Benavides

Posted at 9:20 AM on October 27, 2012  

If your going to keep alive anything it should be that the past repeats itself and shes setting a bad example for young black women. I cannot look forward to anything to look up to out of music from her. Diamonds was cool and then it became old. They will use this girl and her talent until like a toothpaste bottle until they have squeezed every last drop and shes not significant any more. I’m still waiting for the round 2! Melissa you know you are not acting right. Come on.

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Posted at 7:31 AM on October 27, 2012  

Well said lizzie

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Pot meet Kettle

Posted at 11:13 PM on October 26, 2012  

One again it’s those who cry racism doing their best to keep it alive. Jessie Jackson and Al Shapton would be be proud.

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Posted at 9:37 PM on October 26, 2012  

Rihanna is a grown woman capable of fighting her own battles. This Melissa chick is VERY immature. And enough with the e-thuggery.

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Posted at 7:01 PM on October 26, 2012  

rihanna is so beautiful <—– sure if you like a dog. HAHAHAHA! nuff said! :))))) Ri and Her BFF are completely CHEAP HOES. well what do you expect? they're from uncivilized place called "barbados" HAH! :))

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Posted at 9:18 PM on October 26, 2012  


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Posted at 6:53 PM on October 27, 2012  

Funny! Your just as racist as Melissa. Calling people from Barbados uncivilized?? News flash: majority of the people from Barbados are black. Calling people hoes too that you don’t even personally know?? Get your mind right because all the things you said about Rihanna’s crew would make you a great bff for them. Ignorance!!

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Posted at 10:16 PM on October 27, 2012  

I like what you said when did Barbados get into this if your from the islands has nothing to do with this stupid crazy fighting. Do you people have nothing better to do than cuss each other out over people that don’t even know you exist.

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haters sucks

Posted at 2:56 PM on October 28, 2012  

Lizzie you and who ever agree with your nasty comment is nothing but an under privilage b@t$h, and have nothing to do but sitting infront of a cumputer and hate on people who could careless about you. uncivilized is your God d@mn self, people like you promote racism, you should go and kill your d@mn self period!!!!!!

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