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Sabrina Bryan’s ‘DWTS’ Blog, Week 4: Monday Night Fever

Mon, October 22, 2012 5:49pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments
Sabrina Bryan DWTS Week 4
Paige Pooler

In another exclusive blog entry, Sabrina tells how she became a dancing queen — and what she really thought of guest judge Paula Abdul!

Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel narrowly escaped elimination in their fourth week on Dancing with the Star: All-Stars, as they were forced to quickly learn a dance they’d never done on the show before: Disco! Find out how they pulled through to dance another week…



Chapter 4:

Week 4 brought with it the added challenge of dances that were new to the Dancing With the Stars stage. Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy picked Disco for The Dazzling Dutchman and I, and we could have not been happier. Growing into the wise and mature superhero (haha) that I am took years of practice and hard work. Along the way, I’ve had many teachers that taught me how to become the best superhero I could be. With my latest adventure on Dancing With the Stars, I have a new set of teachers: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman  and Bruno Tonioli. Every week I take their criticisms and suggestions to heart and focus on how I can make each performance better than the last. With our Week 4 Disco, The Dutchman and I wanted to make sure that our dance was a show-stopper. Here’s how it all came together…

Wednesday morning we had a meeting with Peter, the producer who pulls together all the elements to make every performance shine. After watching the dynamic and dramatic dances from the night before, we knew we needed to step up the creative production end of our dance. We had the idea of re-creating Studio 54 or “Studio DWTS” as we called it. The Dutchman and I brought in a bunch of inspiring images from the Studio 54 era. We gave Peter a laundry list of elements we wanted, and he definitely delivered.

During the week, The Dutchman and I practiced our fast-paced and challenging dance. We had the phrase “go big or go home” in the back of our minds all week. The Dutchman came up with some amazing lifts and spins, and we worked hard to perfect them. By Sunday afternoon’s blocking we were bone tired. While we had nailed the hardest stunt (where the Dutchman spins me and I land into a split) in rehearsal, by camera blocking time the hard work had caught up to our muscles and we weren’t able to execute that stunt. I must say that it was hard to leave the stage without making sure we had the dance perfected, but sometimes a good night’s sleep is all it takes to recharge tired superheroes.

Every Monday morning is dedicated to our hair and makeup team. They start early in the morning with their magic. I had wanted to channel the glamour of Studio 54 and big hair was part of the look I had planned. As soon as I arrived to the studio, the team started rolling my hair into tiny little curls. How they turned those curls into that golden halo of hair, I’ll never know. I bet you thought that hairstyle was a wig, but rest assured, I had to deal with those teased and backcombed curls the next morning. It took an entire hour and a whole bottle of conditioner to comb out my hair. OUCH! Good thing suffering for beauty is in my arsenal of superhero skills!

From the turquoise coat to the glittering disco ball the production was all we had wished for! As soon as we stepped onto the dance floor, my blood starting pumping to the disco beat, and away we went. To get the opportunity to dance to the classic Bee Gees song, “You Should Be Dancing” was quite an honor. My disco-loving parents got to be part of the crowd dancing with us towards the end of the song, and that sure put a smile on my face. As we headed down the stairs to get our critiques from the judges, all I could think was “I get to be judged by Paula Abdul! The dance legend Paula Abdul!” When she and Bruno weren’t as excited about our dance as Len and Carrie Ann, I took it in my super stride, and was grateful that I had a chance to perform for her.

Every Tuesday comes the show we all dread: the ELIMINATION show. Knowing that my scores were in the middle, and being in that same position the week before, I felt that I might end up in “jeopardy” again. Even though I had faith that our Super Voting Fans would wield their mighty voting fingers for us, I wanted to be mentally prepared to face the fact that I might be going home. When the Dutchman and I were called safe early in the show, I was so shocked and ecstatic, that I feel I may have crushed the wind out of Tom Bergeron in my fit of happiness. Sometimes I just don’t know my own strength. * Sigh *

All this week the Dutchman and I have been preparing for the group dance with some of my favorite people in the world, Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough, Apolo Anton Ohno & Karina Smirnoff and Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani. Team Call Me Maybe has been working hard to create a dynamic and high-energy performance, and I think you’ll be impressed.

For our couples dance, my dream has finally come true, this superhero gets to be…a Princess!! I just saw the finished version of my costume, and I have just two words to say: SPARKLY BALLGOWN!! Yes!! I hope that our waltz will show a different side of my personality to the judges, and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us last week. Because of all your support and votes, my dream of being a dazzling princess is coming true!


— Sabrina Bryan