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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Rick Drives A Machete Through [Spoiler’s] Head

Sun, October 21, 2012 10:57pm EDT by Chris Rogers 1 Comment
The Walking Dead Recap
Courtesy of AMC

Lori may have gotten more than she bargained for when she tells Rick he’s not a killer. Plus, Hershel’s fate is revealed!

The Oct. 21 episode of The Walking Dead picked up right after last week’s episode where Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) leg got axed off by Rick (Andrew Lincoln) after he suffered a zombie bite!

Seeing as how Walking Dead is such a fast-paced, blink and you’ll miss it, type of series, I decided to break each episode into its A, B and C storylines. This way you’ll understand more and I’ll enjoy reliving the episode from a more analytical standpoint. Okay, let’s go!

Practice Makes Perfect

Carol (Melissa McBridge) worries that Hershel may not make it after his walker bite and takes it upon herself to learn the ropes of delivering a baby. After all, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) looks like she could pop any second!

After lending her hand in bandaging Hershel’s leg, Carol grabs a reluctant Glenn (Steven Yeun) for a secret mission. (Why is he always the go to guy?) When they get outside, Carol expresses her interest in using a walker as a cadaver (yes, I am finally using my Grey’s Anatomy knowledge — score!).

Carol picks an infected blonde to be her toy. Glenn distracts the rest of the walkers as Carol gets to work, slicing the abdomen and practicing for the likelihood of a c-section procedure on Lori. (A woman’s body never looked so sexy — and that’s a lot coming from me.)

Unfortunately for Carol, someone’s spying on her from afar. Who do YOU think it is?

King Of The Hill

Rick, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and T-Dog (Irone Singleton) come across a gang of convicts who’ve been trapped inside the jailhouse for almost 300 days (depends on who you ask).

The two groups fight over ownership of the cell blocks, but ultimately a trade is made. Rick and the group get half of the food in the pantry in exchange for allowing the convicts to have their own cell block.

Rick, Daryl and T-Dog decide to give the convicts some training in the fighting department, but sadly (or not), one of them gets scratched. While the infected convict swears he doesn’t feel any different, Rick explains there’s nothing they can do. Without even giving anyone a second to think, a crow bar is slammed through his skull — by one of his own!

Rick, Daryl and T-Dog lead the convicts to their cell block, but their leader pulls a shiesty move and nearly gets Rick killed by a walker. Rick retaliates (surprisingly) on the convict and drives a machete through his head!

(Side note: Before Rick ventured out with the convicts, Lori told him he’s not a killer when the conversation awkwardly turns toward Shane (Jon Bernthal). Maybe he got offended and wanted to prove her wrong?)

Rick chases another of the convicts out into the yard of walkers. Sayonara, sucker!

With only two convicts left alive, Rick leads them to their cell block and leaves them to fend for themselves. Rick, Daryl and T-Dog return to their group — just in time to find out Hershel’s fate.

Hershel’s Fate

Hershel tragically got his leg bit off by a walker in last week’s episode. While many would assume he’s a goner, Rick used his quick thinking and immediately axed off the infected area — Hershel’s leg!

After the entire group accepts that Hershel may not make it (he’s literally sleeping the entire episode), he stops breathing.

However, Lori steps in and performs CPR (she must be thanking her parents for sending her to those annoying babysitting courses as a teen). Hershel gasps for air and grabs the back of Lori’s head, making them (and ME) think he’s turned into a walker!

Luckily, it’s a false alarm and the sudden movement was just a knee-jerk reaction (no pun intended) to coming back to life. Rick and the gang walk in just as Hershel awakens. He grabs Rick’s hand in what seems to be a sign of gratitude.

Knowing this show, though, all does not stay well for long. I can only imagine the obstacles they’ll all have to go through as they struggle with Hershel’s handicap.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? There is where you tell me how you feel! Do you enjoy The Walking Dead recaps? Should I continue each week? And how do YOU think the gang is going to handle Hershel’s handicap? Sound off below!

— Chris Rogers