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‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s Reunion With Her Mother Has A Tragic Twist

Sun, October 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT by 4 Comments
Revenge Recap Episode 204
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Emily was desperate to find her mother, Kara Clarke, this week — and no one was going to stand in her way!

Because Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was the only person who knew Kara’s whereabouts, Emily (Emily VanCamp) sent Amanda (Margarita Levieva) on a mission to uncover more information on the Oct. 21 episode of Revenge. In exchange for David Clarke’s journal, Amanda — with Emily in her ear, as usual — demanded that Victoria give her details about Emily’s mother. Little did Victoria know, Emily wrote in the journal herself, hoping her entires would would make Victoria crack.

Meanwhile, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) were busy giving a whole new meaning to “keep your enemies closer.” Ashley was working for Conrad (Henry Czerny), and when Daniel grew suspicious of her actions, he used his charm against her. As a result, Ashley quit being a spy and it looks like Daniel will stop at nothing to ruin his father. (Like father, like son!)

Nolan (Gabriel Mann), on the other hand, was becoming more-than-friends with his new CFO, Paloma — even though I’m worried she’s only involved with him for his money. We also saw Nolan’s sensitive side when he discovered his father had passed away and his belongings were to be auctioned off if they were not claimed.

Declan (Connor Paolo) was doing his best to retrieve what he stole, so the owner of the home he burglarized wouldn’t press charges, and Jack (Nick Weschler) also tried to help his brother by paying the man what he owed. However, it all turned out to be a really big scam to obtain Jack’s bar! The man basically stole his own possessions and sought payment in the form of the Stowaway when they couldn’t be found. (Is there something in the water in the Hamptons? Everyone knows how to lie really well!)

One bright spot: In the midst of all the chaos, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) and Declan reunited!

While Emily and Amanda were back at Grayson Manor trying to make Victoria tell the truth about Kara, Aiden was at the Pine Motel actually talking to her! Amanda’s baby shower was the perfect opportunity to make Victoria talk, and it was a complete hit — with strippers and all the works — until Amanda called out Victoria for visiting Emily’s mother at the mental institution.

In return, Victoria told Amanda that her father was trying to protect her… because Kara tried to kill Emily! After their unfriendly exchange of truths, Amanda just-so-happened to fall over the banister onto the floor! The doctors saved the baby, induced Amanda into a coma, and all of the evidence — the hospital sign-in sheet and the check used to pay Amanda for the journal — against Victoria was burned.

While Kara was searching for Gordon, she heard that “Amanda” had been injured and rushed to the hospital. Naturally, a mother had to show up and check on her daughter, and guess who Emily ran into at the hospital! Unfortunately, Aiden was right: Emily wasn’t going to like what she found.

As if all of that news wasn’t shocking enough, Victoria hand-delivered Kara to Gordon, who’s a member of The Initiative, a powerful organization way above the Graysons! When all was said and done, my “Intuition” not to trust Emily’s mother was correct. More importantly, what kind of mother can’t even recognize her own daughter?!

Another shocking episode of Revenge! Which twist surprised you the most, and what do you think will happen next? Drop a comment with your thoughts!

— Jaymie Bailey

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