Robert Pattinson: You’re Pathetic For Taking Kristen Stewart Back

Fri, October 19, 2012 3:12pm EST by 136 Comments
Robert Pattinson Took Kristen Stewart Back

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Posted at 3:22 PM on July 31, 2013  

Non if your business Bill! That is mean towards Rob, shame on you. I’ve lost all my respect for you, if somebody’s pathetic it’s sure you ;-) Keep that in mind.

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Lisa Green

Posted at 2:03 AM on December 22, 2012  

It just goes to show how ignorant and delusional Bonnie Fuller truly is where I’m sorry she is your boss Will! Look, if you are actually in love with someone you DO NOT disrespect, humiliate and/or degrade them by being unfaithful to your relationship. And if you DO cheat, then I question your sincerity in using the word, “Love” for you don’t really mean it. If someone stays with a partner after being cheated on then it’s safe to say that person has self-esteem and/or co-dependent issues , which IT DOES make you look weak and pathetic! What the hell is Bonnie talking about…Male ego only see it that way? I’m a woman and her comment is offensive even to me! It has NOTHING to do with gender, but the quality (or lack there of) of ones CHARACTER!!!

PS-I wonder if you would be singing a different tone if your man cheated on you Bonnie…shame on you for making us women look irrational and stupid!

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Posted at 11:08 PM on November 5, 2012  

i do agree with this article a little, i mean just by the statement she released after the photos were leaked. seriously, when you “love” and “respect” a person you don’t cheat, if kristen was having doubts or whatever the right thing she could of done is talk to him directly not act like an immature girl. she did it because she knew she was going to get away with it. many defend her, last i heard she was a grown 22 year old woman that should know what right from wrong is, no one forces you to do anything, and cheating is horrible. she could of been the bigger person and kept away from that director, he has children how shady of them both. and i think people get too heated about the subject because the fans don’t see them as kristen and robert, to them they are edward and bella and i honestly think they don’t make that distinction between the characters they play and who they are. and also, i see a lot of comments about she is young and made a mistake, then maybe she shouldn’t be in a serious relationship with someone older than she is. if you commit to someone you don’t do that to them. cheating is cheating, there’s no excuse for it, no matter the age.

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Posted at 5:51 AM on October 24, 2012  

he’s not pathetic, he’s in love, and they say love is blind. Maybe she’ll cheat again, maybe she won’t but at the end of the day, it was Rob’s decision to take her back, and it’s his life. I don’t personally like her but I love Rob and still support HIM no matter what xx

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Posted at 8:11 AM on October 22, 2012  

Reading these comments makes me think that Rob & Kristen don’t give a rats a– what we think. It’s their personal life. Weather you like them or not. Nasty name calling, death threats that have been spewed on a lot of these sites, is scary. Don’t be mean. If you can’t handle the lies stay away from the sites. You get too invested.. She is very young and immature and made a huge mistake and created the backlash, but she did not commit murder. Rob has decided to continue his life with her. It’s takes a big person to forgive. Even God forgives, so don’t try the religious angle. Judgement is left for God, not anyone else. All you are entitled to is a good performance for the price of your ticket. That’s it!

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Posted at 6:41 PM on October 20, 2012  

How many more days before all of the crap is over with?? Let’s beat this wet noodle some more!
Leave them alone already, whatever they decide to do is their business, Go KrisRob.

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kathryn wilson (@onebigfan)

Posted at 4:49 AM on October 21, 2012  

I’m with you on that it’s their personal life,I tend to think that others don’t have a personal life so they dig into other to make themselves feel better personally. If he loves her like he said he has made the right decision for him and her and no one else BUTT THE F^^K OUT OF THEIR LIVES PLEASE

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Posted at 2:02 PM on October 20, 2012  

Finally you are finally making sense. Yes of course he is a moron for taking her back and I do not care about what the Twihards or Kscrew fans think. He should have more cope on and anyway it is a bit weird that them too would get back together just a week before the Promo Tour

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Posted at 12:40 PM on October 20, 2012  

1st of all.. i think it’s really rude and not polite to talk abt someone like that! whatever he did or do.. this is his private life and his own choice .. u dont have to judge anyone ANGEL!

2nd.. i donno how do u understand ‘A MAN’ mean?!!!! coz truely.. the meaning u wrote in this RUDE article is soooo the opposite of it!!!!
U r a real man when u know urself v well.. and ur woman …. he adores her and he knows that she does too .. but wrong turns and mistakes happen in life.. doesnt mean to distroy the relation, urself and the woman u love… this is a so WISE and CONFIDENCE … only real and strong MEN can do this believe me .. if u dont c this … u and other ppl on earth … so srsly u need to consider ur prespictive in life!

I respected Rob more and more for thinking that way … he’s a real man in my eyes … Kristen made a mistake which a sure she’s been dragged in … she’s a little bit young, rebelious and maybe rekless … it doesnt mean she’s a CHEATER and needs to DIE! and it doesnt mean she doesnt love Rob .. she does and literally cant live without him too … he knows her and her personality v well than anybody else. She dropped Cali for him and this is for anybody knows her.. a v big deal!
So plllllzzzzz … stop judge Rob for gaining his love back and giving it another chance.. we still donno the whole truth which i think that U and the other media WHORES misled it to ur dirty wrong direction … and stop eating Rob and Kristen alive.

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Posted at 2:04 PM on October 20, 2012  

Get over it you too its an article so deal with it he is an idiot and I am sure lots of people think the same thing. I hate Kristen because her attitude stinks and I dont know what he sees in her so grow up and relying on a couple

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lulu collazo

Posted at 11:22 AM on October 20, 2012  

You are CROSSING THE LINE OF DOUBLE STANDARD with this ridiculous article. He is a thousand times the man all of you are! Forgiving is for the strong, not for the pushovers, remember that! Those are not my words, they are Gandhi’s. I am more sure than ever that he’s his own man’s man. Not reading all this BS and taking decisions on his own without any interference from the media specially from men who have cheated in the past (Donald Trump) and call a woman a “cheating DOG”, I guess he was mirroring himself back when he left Ivanka for a much younger Marla Maples who bared his child. Good Lord! Why don’t you try reading Bonnie Fuller’s article about being strong and how much she admires Robert for being the man you would want to be by your side. I respect him now. I was thinking he was going to yield to the opinion of others and take the wrong road. You are not giving this girl a chance because she is a girl, men are reluctant to forgive whereas women forgive. Media has crucified her, but now Ashton Kutcher is the best paid actor, and he famously cheated on Demi several times, shouldn’t we put the letter A on his picture as well. This is outrageous, abominable, atrocious, barbaric, beastly, egregious, flagrant, heinous, horrible, infamous, inhuman, iniquitous, nefarious, scandalous, shocking, unspeakable, villainous, to say the least. Good GOD!!!!!!!!

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