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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Their Love Is Real, Say Experts

Thu, October 18, 2012 10:09pm EDT by Billy Nilles 23 Comments
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Love

There has been a lot of speculation that Rob and Kristen were just pretending to promote the release of ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2,’ however two body language experts tell us that their loving feelings are real! Read on for all the details.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s reconciliation, after her tryst with Rupert Sanders, has happened just in time for the press tour for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 to begin — causing a lot of cynics to wonder if the reunion is solely a publicity stunt. With the arrival of new photos catching the two kissing at Kristen’s new house on Wednesday, Oct. 18, two experts in the field of body language assure us that this reconciliation is very real!

Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP – Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma, spoke with exclusively and analyzed the romantic photos, of Kristen, 22, and Rob, 26, exclusive to PopSugar.

Reading Rob

“Even though the photos are a little blurry and distorted, he is extraordinarily happy,” she says. “If you look, you can tell by the ways the eyes get smaller — that when you’re truly smiling. And the way his cheeks are lifted up, and even though he has all the stuff in his arms, he has a slight lean forward down to her which is really nice.”

Absolutely Comfortable

“[In] the kissing photo, I also really like how far over his shoulders are hunched towards her and surrounding her,” Patti continues. “He’s really reaching out and going over to her making an effort to her. Then I like the mutual hugging, the side hug. It’s really nice. I like two things: that he’s going up and over to hold her, that’s partly due to his height, but he’s absolutely comfortable and relaxed. This is where he feels most comfortable. He is absolutely comfortable with her. He’s not holding anything against her. Also, how gently he’s cradling her in. Her arm also isn’t only wrapped around him. She looks comforted by him and she is making an effort. If you look at the walking up the stairs photo. He’s pressed into her.”

Genuine Emotion

Patti concluded that nothing in these photos was forced or faked, it’s the real deal. “I think in his smile it’s absolutely genuine,” she says “Even though [his] mouth is closed, he’s really happy to see her. The comfort in the hug, that’s a hard thing to fake. It’s really genuine. The kiss isn’t a super sexy kiss, but it’s tension-free. He’s showing he’s not holding anything against her and he’s happy to see her.”

A Changed Woman

Dr. Lillian Glass, author of the book The Body Language Advantage, agrees with Patti. When she looked at the photos, her initial response was, “WOW! In the first photo he has a tight-lipped protective smile.”

Dr. Glass read a bit into Kristen’s body language, seeing a changed woman. “In the second one, she is more agressive in her kiss and more responsive, as she has been so aloof in the past…in the third one, she is agressive as she clings to him and warpas her arms around him.”

Do you think Rob and Kristen’s love is real, HollywoodLifers?

— Reporting by Nicole Karlis, Written by Billy Nilles

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