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‘Married To Jonas’ Sister Dina: ‘Danielle Will Be An Awesome Mom’

Mon, October 15, 2012 4:17pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 10 Comments
FameFlyNet, Twitter

‘Married To Jonas’ may center around Kevin and Danielle but one of the breakout stars of the show is Dani’s outspoken sister Dina! She chatted with EXCLUSIVELY about Dani having a baby!

After Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas teased a “big announcement” in the October 7th episode, fans were disappointed when they didn’t announce they were pregnant. But Dina spills what she thinks Dani will be like as a mother in the future!

HollywoodLife: Do you know of Kevin and Danielle’s baby plans

Dina Deleasa: I am going to be an awesome aunt! I know that I’m very excited for them to have kids because I know they both want kids. It’s something Danielle has wanted forever. Danielle is gonna be an awesome mom. As long as they are on the same page, I know it will be great. I know that they talk about it a lot, and they communicate a lot.

Are you thinking about having kids with your husband Brian?

For me, I’m still in grad school, I have one year left. Brian and I have a lot going on, all good things. We want to wait a while. We are gonna have a couple years to travel, so in the future but give me another two years. I need to figure out the right time.

As a protective older sister, what was your first impression of Kevin?

I was like, he’s really nice, really bubbly — he was nice with everyone. He got right in there and we were there with a big group of family and friends. He was hanging out with us at night. He really wanted in, and he got in. He was really personal. We could tell from the start that he had eyes for Danielle. He wasn’t leaving!

We saw in Italy that crowds starting following your family around — is it ever scary?

We get scared for Danielle sometimes because there are people circling the house over and over again. We’re not sure who they are — it’s not always teenage girls. People are usually really nice when they come to us with Kevin and Danielle. Occasionally there are people who want to run into the bathroom with one of them! Normally people are really nice and positive.

Do you get recognized in public now that you’re on the show? 

I can manage to stay under the radar more. I can still go to the grocery store and go to Target. I really haven’t had anything huge happen to me where people run up to me. Since I’ve gone back to school and started work again, I’m getting it more at school and work. I didn’t say anything while it was being filmed. People said ‘You didn’t tell me what you were doing!’ I’ve had friends and co workers say ‘I think I saw you on TV last weekend!’ Im like ‘No, no.’

Watch Dina in Italy with Kevin and Danielle:

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— Dory Larrabee

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