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‘Revenge’ Recap: Victoria Goes Public With Her Biggest Secret

Sun, October 14, 2012 10:53pm EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of ABC

Plus, Emily learns yet another shocking fact about her not-so-dead mother!

Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) past with Takeda’s super-attractive British trainee Aiden (Barry Sloane) was revealed on the Oct. 14 episode of Revenge. Apparently they were once lovers on separate missions: one to avenge the death of her father, and the other to find his sister. When all was said and done, Aiden betrayed Emily, thus becoming someone she could no longer trust.

Aiden was sent to the Hamptons to keep Emily on her path of revenge so she doesn’t take a detour in search for her mother. After she smashed a bottle over his head, knocked him out, then dumped him into a trash can, he investigated his only lead: the Pine Crest Motel key he discovered in Gordon’s (James Morrison) pocket. And you’ll never guess who he stumbled upon during his investigation at the motel — Emily’s mother!

He also secured a recorder from Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) plane, and he agreed to hand it over in exchange for possessions found on Gordon — only Emily kept the most important piece of evidence for herself: a pocket watch containing a picture of her mother. After finding the anti-psychotic pills, Emily put the pieces together and determined that Gordon must have known her mother intimately. (That sent shivers down my spine!)

Meanwhile, Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) prepared for the baby, and Declan (Connor Paolo) turned into a burglar over night — and a horrible burglar at that! Declan dropped his driver’s license, and the owner of the home returned it to Jack, agreeing not to press charges as long as he returned everything that was stolen. Jack showed his heart of gold in tonight’s episode as he continued to fight his love for Emily while dealing with the fact that he’s also the father of Amanda’s child.

In other news, the Graysons were put on lockdown, which meant Victoria and Conrad (Henry Czerny) must stay in the same house for a while — and constantly show how much they hate and don’t trust each other. (Can you feel the love?) Victoria decided to go public with her kidnapping story, and since she “fears for Emily’s life,” she requested that Emily stay away from the Grayson family permanently.

Prior to their big debut, however, the walls of Grayson Manor came crashing down. Daniel (Joshua Bowman) received confirmation from Aiden that his mother was planning to flee the country and faked her own kidnapping, and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) revealed that she knew her mother wasn’t dead! But the biggest surprise of all came when Victoria publicly admitted to her affair with David Clarke after Charlotte discovered the truth from his journal — and she welcomed Amanda into the family!

After everything unfolded in the Hamptons, Emily secured Daniel’s trust; Jack told Amanda he could commit to their child, but not to her; and Victoria and Conrad have a wedding planned in Tuscany! To cap off the night, Emily heard her mother’s voice for the first time since she was a child in a voicemail intended for Gordon, in which she agreed to “shut everything down” if she didn’t hear from him.

My head is still spinning from “Confidence,” but I do know one thing — I don’t trust Emily’s mother as far as I can throw her!

— Jaymie Bailey