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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Emma Sabotages Her Return To Storybrooke

Sun, October 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT by Andy Swift 5 Comments
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A surprise wedding, a tragic death and THREE timelines to keep track of! Anybody else feeling ‘Lost?’

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) gained a powerful new ally on the Oct. 14 episode of Once Upon A Time … or so they thought. After a long journey to Snow’s castle — which involved Snow killing an ogre; and Aurora, who I hate more than anything, almost stabbing Emma — they learned their new buddy Lancelot (Teen Wolf‘s Sinqua Walls) wasn’t who he appeared to be.

It turns out Cora (Barbara Hershey) murked Lancelot years ago, and thanks to her shape-shifting evilness, she’s been pretending to be him ever since! As a last resort to keep Cora from crossing over to Storybrooke, Emma torched the magic wardrobe — but it looks like Cora’s got a Plan B up her wicked sleeve.

(Side note: I know we’re supposed to hate her, but am I the only one who loves Cora? She’s so bad… but she’s so good.)

Baby/Mama Drama:

Because one Enchanted Forest timeline clearly isn’t enough to deal with, we were also taken back to past Enchanted Forest, where where we learned Lancelot and Snow weren’t always the best of friends. In fact, Lancelot — formerly of the Round Table — kidnapped Snow and took her to King George (Alan Dale), who gave her a fun drink that cursed her womb.

This was a little wake-up call for Lancelot, who turned against the king and swore his allegiance to Snow. But by the time the two arrived at Charming’s (Josh Dallas) cottage, George’s men had already shot Charming’s poor mother with an arrow. They took her to the lake where Charming killed that Siren — always a fun trip down memory lane — but when they arrived, there was only enough healing water for one person to have a drink.

Charming’s mother pretended to drink the water, but secretly had Lancelot slip it into Snow’s wedding chalice. Oh, did I forget to mention Snow and Charming got married? I guess the big Snow-Charming wedding we saw on the pilot was really just a formality, and Regina crashed their party for nothing.

For the sake of the show’s plot, though, I’m really glad she did.

Meanwhile, Back In Storybrooke…

Thanks to Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) annoying nudging — to be fair, everything Henry does is annoying — Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) was reunited with his daughter, who he thought wouldn’t forgive him for losing her. Maybe now that he’s less grumpy, Jefferson (aka the Mad Hatter) will be able to bring our girls home!

In non-annoying Henry news, he did some adorable bonding with Grandpa Charming this week — but I have a feeling their good times are about to come to an end, as the final moments revealed a surprise guest in Storybrooke: King George!

(Or whatever name he goes by in the real world.)

What kind of trouble do you think George will stir up in Storybrooke? Do you think Jefferson is the key to bringing back Emma and Snow? And, seriously, how much to do you love to hate Cora? Drop me a comment with your thoughts!

— Andy Swift

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