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‘Married To Jonas’ Recap — Danielle: ‘My Heart Is Literally Broken’

Sun, October 14, 2012 10:58pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 3 Comments
Married To Jonas Italy
Courtesy of E!

Kevin and Danielle take her family to Italy in tonight’s episode of ‘Married To Jonas’ but Dani’s anxiety catches up with her and causes her to have a major panic attack!

Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas are trying to enjoy their romantic Italian vacation but when Kevin gets a business phone call that forces him to leave the family trip, things are turned upside down!

Kevin gets a phone call and tells Dani he’ll have to leave Italy now to make it to L.A. This is a “huge opportunity” for Kevin — a music reality show! The episode leaves us with quite the cliffhanger and no answers…

Dani’s Anxiety Returns

Will Kevin leave Danielle? She’s just starting to feel better after she admits that since her car accident, she is starting to have panic and anxiety attacks again. “I try to be strong for Kevin,” but sometimes my body shuts down, says Dani.

“I’m having a hard time being here. My feelings are getting to me,” Dani says. It’s too much stuff. She admits to Kevin she is back on her anti-anxiety medicine and that makes her disappointed. She cannot get pregnant while she is on medicine.

Dani Hits Rock Bottom

Even though they are staying in the lap of luxury, at the lavish Four Seasons resort, Dani is still completely overwhelmed. “When I say I’m stressed out, I’m literally dying inside.”

“Her health is the number one priority,” Kevin says.

Dani’s goals by the time of the trip were to get off her medicine and have a baby. “My heart is literally broken,” because she is completely overwhelmed and feels like a failure.

A Gelato Break

As the family starts sightseeing, her dad Bucky gives us some comic relief by eating gelato from every cafe they pass. I can see the buildings in a book, but you can’t taste gelato in a book, he says.

As the family walks around Florence, Dani’s sister Dina feels the pressure of people everywhere following and looking at them! It’s true, tons of people start to crowd around the family and they are forced to move locations frequently. Now I know how Dani feels, Dina says.

Do you think Kevin will leave Dani in Italy, HollywoodLifers?

Remember to watch part 2 of this episode of Married To Jonas next Sunday night at 10/9c on E!


— Dory Larrabee

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