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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Designers Head To New York Fashion Week

Fri, October 12, 2012 4:01pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 1 Comment
‘Project Runway’ Recap: Designers Head To New York Fashion Week

Tensions build and fabrics fly as Project Runway reaches New York Fashion Week! Read about all the drama here, in Michael Costello’s hysterical recap!

Congratulations to all four designers for making it this far, it is a true honor to show at NY Fashion Week. We see Tim come to each designers work space, and when he gets to Chris’s he is so surprised at how much Chris has gotten done. Chris has taken inspiration from his mothers X=Ray, something so personal, and he turns it into a beautiful collection with some incredible silhouettes. Tim is loving a leather skirt that Chris thought he ruined with bleach. But Tim is obsessed. His only advice for Chris is to take some more risks and not play it safe.

When Tim gets to Fabio’s, he meets his mom in a very Fabulous NY apartment. Fabio is nervous,  and he likens his feelings to having a baby, and how you do not want anyone to come into the delivery room and say “your baby is ugly.” So true Fabio. Tim is loving everything, except Fabio’s long John pants. He is confused with who Fabio’s customer is, and this is a punch to Fabio’s stomach. Yikes…
But I have a feeling Fabio is going to blow it out of the park, because from just a brief glimpse I can see that his pieces are beautiful. Tim sees a potential for it to be mind blowing and so do I.

As Tim heads to Boris…I mean Dmitry’s house we see a lot of separates. Cool colors, lots of leather, but Tim is skeptical because much like Chris he doesn’t see Dmitry pushing himself. Dmitry is telling Tim how he had to resign from his job and basically become homeless in order to make this collection and prepare for Fashion Week. We can all see how much Dmitry really wants this.

Next we see Tim Gunn in San Francisco visiting Melissa. Tim is very impressed with her very Black and White collection. Tim is telling her how she has created something that is very her, and yet she has no control over the win because it is going to be a matter of taste.


Here we go, its time for Fashion Week…As everyone arrives they are in a great, great mood. All that is going to change the competition is that NYFW is real. As they get back into the workroom my prediction comes through – Melissa gets nervous and the boys begin to realize how real this is. Melissa begins to show some real trepidation and feel the pressure. But she needs to just stay strong, be who she is, and put it out there.

As they begin the next day, the contestants can’t handle how little time they have to pick just 3 pieces to impress the judges. Tim wishes he was beaming, but he is worried about all the designers in the workroom. And therefore the designers are worried too. Oh man…this is when someone might crack.

When the models are in the workroom Christopher is freaking out because the looks aren’t fitting his models.

This is the last non-fashion week Runway and you can see the designers freaking out.

Dmitry’s collection is very cool, the girls looks great and they absolutely feel like a sexy rockstars. I can see them jumping off the runway and onto Gwen Stefani.

Chris’s collection is beautiful, the print looks great and very unified. It brings the collection to a very distinct and modern point.

Fabio’s collection is just unbelievable. The drape on the vest gives me tingles because I love it so much. His entire collection just sings, and I would be shocked if he doesn’t make it to Fashion Week.

Melissa showed a lot of structure and lots of leather, very cool, chic and well tailored. I personally am very impressed; it has something edgy yet feminine about it.

As the designers step on the runway Heidi lets them know that there is a lot to love but a lot of questions to be answered.

The Judges love Fabio’s collection; its very cool, unexpected and unique, which is like a 10/10 in the fashion world. Nina is worried about the luxury factor, lets see if he makes it to the next round to see if he can pull it out.

Dmitry nailed the collection in Nina’s eyes; she is just in love with it. Michael isn’t as in love as Nina is. I can feel Dmitry’s confidence plummeting as the judges are talking.

Chris shows the judges his collection and they are underwhelmed. Heidi loves the print, and why wouldn’t she – its beautiful. Nina has some doubts because Chris sends some of his skimpier pieces down the runway.

Heidi loves Melissa’s jacket but she feels she didn’t bring it all. Nina wants to know if the collection is all black and white because she feels like with that must be perfect styling.

After the judges give their opinions I feel like it is very tough to tell who is going home at this point. And apparently neither do the judges because everyone is going to FASHION WEEK. YAY! Congrats designers you have made it…oh but wait…

Heidi gives them 48 hours to improve their collection to decide who is in and who is out. Only time can tell now.

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