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Kristen Stewart: Stop Putting Yourself Down

Tue, October 9, 2012 7:42pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 29 Comments
Kristen Stewart Calls Herself C Word

Kristen — you’re a smart, talented woman. You need to stop calling yourself “miserable” and “boring” in interviews.

Kristen Stewart — there’s no need to be calling yourself names like “miserable c***t!” That’s just a terrible thing to say about yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

You described yourself in those terms to British Marie Claire magazine in their Nov. 2012 issue, responding to the question — “What makes you most happy?”

“I’m a miserable c***t! I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits,” you explained.

Well Kristen, I don’t know if you were putting yourself down because you felt like you should be happy with all your success, and yet you’re not — but that’s still no reason to be so hard on yourself.

It makes me think that maybe you somehow feel guilty for having such enormous success at the young age of 22. But Kristen, you’ve worked hard for your success. It wasn’t just handed to you.

You’ve earned your successes. 

You’ve thrown yourself into every role you’ve had from playing Bella in icy cold rainy weather for months at a time, to overcoming your fear of horseriding to play Snow White in Snow White And The Huntsman, to braving nudity in On The Road, to learning to sing to play Joan Jett in The RunawaysMackenzie Foy, who played your daughter Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 2 even recently told Teen Vogue that you’re “an incredibly hard worker.”
You’ve EARNED your success! And you should feel proud of your accomplishments.
Yet this isn’t the first time you’ve ben tough on yourself in interviews. You confessed in an interview in the June issue of Elle magazine that “I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me.”

You also told the mag that “I didn’t go to f**king school, I feel I would have had a bit something extra if I had.”

You ARE talented, truly!

Kristen — you are NOT boring! I bet I can say with certainly that your friends, family, Rob and fans would all agree with that.

No — you are a fascinating, complicated young woman, who has worked hard to achieve success, whether you went to school or not.

Like many young women, you have made mistakes, but clearly you are learning from them.

And as for not having “something extra”, who are you kidding? Just being able to walk the red carpet with your head held high at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote On The Road after the Rupert Sanders incident proved that you are a young woman of rare courage.

You dealt with your mistake with grace and humility and earned back everyone’s respect.

Kristen — you are not “miserable” and you are not a derogatory word.

It’s time to allow yourself to have a little self esteem boost. You TOTALLY deserve it! Don’t you agree HollywoodLifers? Let me know!


— Bonnie Fuller

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