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‘Married To Jonas’ Recap: Danielle & Kevin Have A ‘Big Announcement’

Mon, October 8, 2012 12:08am EDT by Dory Larrabee 11 Comments
Courtesy of E!

Kevin and Danielle take her family camping in the Oct. 7 episode, with the intention of telling them a ‘big announcement’ — read the full recap below!

Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas are playfully arguing over when to tell the family the “greatest news ever” — could Danielle be pregnant?

In the beginning of the episode, Kevin explains his “Baby Bucket List” — things he wants to do before Dani has a baby:

Go camping, go on a big trip, go on tour, ride jetskis. So first up — camping!

A Big, Italian Camping Trip

He has to convince Dani’s big Italian family to go camping, and it’s not an easy task! But finally, they agree to go.

Big sister Dina goes diva, as she packs a roller suitcase and multiple pairs of sneakers to “match each pair of shorts.”

Once they get to the deserted wooded area, Dani’s mom starts to have a panic attack and is especially worried about when the area becomes “pitch black!”

Dina asks if anyone has any pina colada mix as Kevin and Dani’s brother set up the tents.

The whole family goes on a nice relaxing rafting trip… except Dani’s mom keeps screaming about bugs!

A Secret Conversation

Once they get back to the campground, Dani and Kevin chat privately about their “big announcement.” What could it be? Kevin teases us that it’s the “greatest news ever!”

Meanwhile, Dani’s Mom is plotting to fake being sick after dinner because she is terrified to spend the night.

As Kevin is talking about being on the road with The Jonas Brothers, he asks Dani’s family if they will watch his house. Dani says, “I’m not going!”

Dani explains that she likes touring for a few months at a time, but not for a year. She may be interested in doing something like volunteering and tells Kevin that she feels like she is always waiting around for him.

The Big Announcement

Kevin tells the family the big announcement over breakfast: “In about a week and a half, we’re all going to Florence!”

Dani’s sister Dina says, “This is so much better than you being pregnant!”

Mom Angela and Dani have a very serious fear of flying and Angela’s upset that no one asked her before booking the trip!

Can’t wait to see their Firenze vacation in the next episode!

Do you hope Kevin & Dani are trying to have a baby, HollywoodLifers?


— Dory Larrabee

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