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Sabrina Bryan’s ‘DWTS’ Blog, Week 2: A ‘Rock & Roll Princess’ Is Crowned

Fri, October 5, 2012 3:00pm EDT by 11 Comments
Paige Pooler

Sabrina — I mean, ‘The Dazzling Dynamo’ — takes behind the scenes of her second nerve-wracking week on ‘Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars!’

It was another huge week for Sabrina Bryan and partner Louis Van Amstel on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, as the duo took on the dreaded Quickstep! And even we were all there to see Sabrina and Louis dominate the competition with the highest score of the season, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Keep reading to find out what really went down backstage, including Sabrina’s thoughts on Joey Fatone‘s elimination.



Chapter 2:

Thanks to everyone who voted for us, The Dancing Dutchman and The Dazzling Dynamo have returned to the ballroom for Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars! After four days of rehearsal, we’ve had some ups and downs, but we’re ready to rock the house with our Quickstep.

One of those “downs:” well, my superhero powers failed me during rehearsal on Saturday, and the Dancing Dutchman and I ended up falling on the stairs. Thank goodness the Dutchman had the strength to keep me from knocking my ribs on the steps, because a strong ribcage is one of the keys to a good upper body frame in Quickstep. After a couple of days to heal I was raring to go by Monday night.

Dancing With the Stars is an amazing feat of production every week, and I’m always impressed with how the crew puts together such incredible shows. A lot of work goes into preparation for each show. Each Sunday, the competitors attend camera blocking, which allows the technical crew to choose the lighting, video and camera angles. This Sunday, we were the first team to do our blocking. After running our dance a few times, I was ecstatic to hear Anna Trebunskya tell me that my frame looked great. Whenever a pro gives you a compliment, that’s a good thing!

After blocking we headed up to the Wardrobe Department, the home of all things bright and beautiful. And as you know, very very sparkly. The Dutchman and I tried on our completed costumes for the first time. While we do have fittings during the week, Sunday is the day to see the final version of our costumes. I was so excited to try on that gorgeous black beaded dress. I felt like a Rock & Roll Princess! And the Dutchman in his dashing suit was a sight to behold.

Before we knew it, it was Monday night and time for the show. This week, the nerves were different. We all made it through the first dance and the first elimination, so we had conquered the opening show jitters. But now we had to face the fact that that the competition is fierce and everyone is bringing their best routines.

While we were waiting our turn to dance, the Dutchman and I enjoy watching all of the dances before us. In rehearsal, Bristol Palin was scared of breaking the bottle over Mark Ballas‘ head, but in their dance, she wasn’t afraid at all, and gave him a good wallop!

As soon as the Dutchman and I heard the announcer say: “Dancing the Quickstep, Sabrina…” we took off running to get to our starting place. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, took a deep breath and off we went. “Black Betty” by Ram Jam is one of my favorite songs, and I had hoped to dance to it at some point in season five. I requested to use it this season, and I was so happy when the producers told us the song was approved. As soon as the Dutchman heard the song, he said it was perfect for a Quickstep, and it sure was!

During the dress rehearsal, we realized that we had time to add one more move to our dance, so we added an extra spin at the end. Some might think we were crazy to make that final pose even more dangerous, but the Dancing Dutchman and The Dazzling Dynamo are always up for some extra danger! (Plus don’t worry, we were ready for it, I promise!)

Waiting for the judge’s scores is always nerve-wracking, but as soon as I heard:

9! 8.5! 8.5! A score of 26!

I knew that I had made the Dutchman proud.

Happy with our performance, we were able to enjoy the rest of the night’s amazing dances. My favorite performance of the night belonged to my “big brother” Joey Fatone. From the set, to the costumes, to the choreography, everything was so well thought out, and so much fun to watch.

After a long night and day spent thinking about the looming elimination, we were ready for the Results Show. To be asked to do the Encore Dance is such an honor, and the Dazzling Dutchman and I wanted to come out and make it as good as the first performance.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long for find out if we were “safe” or in “jeopardy.” Standing on the stage with Joey & Kym Johnson, Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke and Drew Lachey & Anna, I hoped to hear Tom Bergeron once again say, “you’re all safe,” but that didn’t happen. The moment Joey & Kym were put into “jeopardy,” my heart sank. I didn’t want my big bro to go home!

It was so hard to hear Joey & Kym’s names called out as the team leaving the show. I admit, even the toughest of superheros can’t always hold back their emotions and I let mine out. Sigh. I’m going to miss Joey & Kym so much! It made us realize that every week it’s going to be hard for the remaining teams, because we’ve all become so close.

The Dutchman and I are so happy and grateful for everyone who voted us back for next week’s dance. And while I can’t reveal which “iconic dance” we’ll be inspired by, I can give you a hint when I say that the dance was by two people who mean a lot to me.

So, Week 2 was an emotional rollercoaster: from falling down steps to climbing to the top of the leaderboard. From encores to goodbyes to beloved friends.

That’s the drama of Dancing with the Stars, isn’t it? See you next week! Muah!

— Sabrina Bryan

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