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Kristen Stewart: End All Communication With Rupert Sanders Now

Wed, October 3, 2012 4:06pm EDT by Billy Nilles 58 Comments
Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart Texting

If Kristen expects her reconciliation with Robert Pattinson to succeed, she needs to stop this reported continued communication with Rupert! Read on to find out why I think so.

Kristen Stewart has been working hard to prove to Robert Pattinson that he can trust her again after her tryst with Rupert Sanders. Though they are slowly reconciling, it’s been reported that Rob is still finding it difficult to trust Kristen, which makes a new report claiming that Kristen is still communicating with Rupert all the more distressing. Does she want this reconciliation or not?

Kristen, you’ve groveled to Rob and, though he’s still having difficulties, you’ve begun to win his trust back. So why on earth would you continue to communicate with Rupert? As Radar reports, you are continuing to text him so that he doesn’t “feel so abandoned.” Who cares? Are Rupert’s feelings more important to you than your relationship with Rob?

Trust isn’t an easy thing to earn back once it’s been damaged or lost. Kristen, you should be thanking your lucky stars that Rob is willing to work on rebuilding what you and he once had. Carrying on communication with Rupert is not the way to show that gratitude.

Rupert is a big boy who can deal with the consequences of his actions on his own. He shouldn’t be a priority to you right now — Rob should. You’ve already taken him for granted once, Kristen. Don’t push your luck.

Do you think Kristen needs to stop all communication with Rupert, HollywoodLifers?


— Billy Nilles

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