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‘Teen Mom Farewell’: Catelynn & Tyler Desperately Want Carly At Wedding

Wed, October 3, 2012 3:55pm EDT by 31 Comments
Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Teen Mom Farewell
Courtesy of MTV

During the ‘Teen Mom Farewell Special,’ engaged couple Tyler and Catelynn opened up about how badly they want daughter Carly at their wedding, and their fears that her adoptive parents won’t allow her to come. Watch the clip.

After the series finale of Teen Mom, fan favorites Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are moving on from reality TV to happily ever after. The couple officially set the date for their wedding — July 13, 2013 — and during the Teen Mom Farewell Special on Oct. 2, they wrestled with the difficult decision to invite their daughter Carly, whom they placed up for adoption.

Although Catelynn and Tyler have an open adoption with Carly, they have been struggling over the past three years to earn the trust of her adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa.

Tyler desperately wants Carly at their wedding, if only for the vow ceremony. But with visitation between Carly and her birth parents already extremely limited, Catelynn does not think that’s a possibility.

“They’re not going to, they didn’t even go to our graduation because our whole family was there, there’s not way they’d come to our wedding,” she snapped.

“Yeah but, I mean it’d be important and how nice would it be to get married and see her there,” Tyler answered.

They met with their adoption counselor Dawn a few days later, who suggested that since they’ve earned the trust of Carly’s parents, they should reach out to Brandon and Teresa and give them a few weeks to think about coming to the wedding.

“That’s what adults do,” Dawn said. “You put it out there, and you’re going to respect each other, but you guys honestly have to be prepared for whatever answer they give.”

“It’s their decision,” she continued. “You need to start [asking their permission] now, and you need to start easing into that conversation, and giving them some time to process that.”

Although Brandon and Teresa still haven’t made their final decision, hopefully they and Carly can make it to the wedding to support Catelynn and Tyler.

It’s amazing to see how much this couple has grown up over the past three years! Check out the clip below.

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— Christina Stiehl

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