‘Married To Jonas’ Recap: Dani Locks Kevin Out Of Their Bedroom

Sun, September 30, 2012 10:52pm EST by 8 Comments
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Danielle’s long day and Kevin’s stressful studio session turns into a huge fight for the couple in the new ‘Married To Jonas’ episode! Read the full recap below!

Danielle Jonas has had a long day trying to plan her younger sisters graduation party when husband Kevin Jonas comes home and wants to talk about his stressful day. Dani doesn’t want to talk — she walks upstairs and locks him out of the bedroom!

In the Sept. 30th episode, Kevin spends the day in the recording studio with brothers Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Nick wants him to sing the bridge and Kevin admits he’s not the strongest singer in the band. “If this record fails, I don’t know what I’d do,” Kevin says.

A Jonas War

After Kevin’s stressful day in the studio, he wants to vent to Dani. But Dani has been fighting with her family about her younger sister Katie’s graduation party and she’s in no mood to chat. Dani says she is “tired” and wants to talk later, when she is in a better mindset, but Kevin says he just wants her to listen.

Dani walks away, goes upstairs into the bedroom and locks Kevin out! “Is this really gonna solve anything?” Kevin yells through the door. “My sanity,” Dani responds.

Kiss And Make Up

A few minutes later, Dani comes downstairs and the couple apologizes. Kevin admits he went a little crazy because he’s very nervous about the recording. “We’re trying to make this thing perfect.”

Meanwhile, Dani is trying to plan her younger sister Katie’s graduation party. But between the venue, the amount of people and theme, Dani’s older sister Dina wants to take control. “Hold on a minute,” Dani tries to tell her. Dina calls her “scatterbrained” — even though she is trying to help, Dani is offended and hurt.

Dani’s Party Plans

Dani tries to find a spot for the graduation party. Her first pick is a very historical tavern, rumored to have George Washington as a guest. Dani’s mom and sister tell her it’s not the place for teenagers. Dani’s sister Katie says she just wants the party to be in Dani and Kevin’s backyard. Later, Dina calls Dani and apologizes about being so pushy about the party.

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Dani has planned Katie’s party at Steel Pier in Atlantic City! Katie’s friends were bussed in for games, rides and entertainment, and all her friends and family have a great time.

What did you think about this episode, HollywoodLifers?


– Dory Larrabee

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Posted at 4:42 AM on October 31, 2013  

Well, I think it’s ok that he feels close to his wife’s family, but, ya, I think they should give the couple a lil breathing space n allow Kevin’s family to equally come in! I think the Deleasa’s, are actually a bit domineering! Love the couple (Kevin n Dina) to bits though!

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Posted at 3:04 AM on November 26, 2012  

I really love Kevin and it is so unfortunate that he married into a family that do not have a life of their own, always sticking to Kevin and his wife and not giving them space of their own which is the more reason why Dani will keep having panic attacks, her family is so difficult to please. The sister Dina is worse, she is so ungrateful and very jealous of Dani that she does not know. I am counting months when she will start planning the downfall of the couple. Dina go and keep your husband’s company, stop demanding from Kevin Jonas, be grateful for whatever they offer you and of course GET A LIFE

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Brenda Miller

Posted at 6:59 PM on October 3, 2012  

You are selfish your Husband had a bad day at work and just wanted to talk. here you was doing nothing but eatting with your sisters and talking about the party . Your problem was nothing compared to his I feel for him. You need to take a long look at the picture of what you did. you don’t work and shut him out like that. I thought you was alittle strange but now I know you are.

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Posted at 3:47 AM on December 16, 2012  

hey that’s no way to criticise someone. Everyone has hard days whether they’re willing to admit it or not. I think I would have wanted to be alone, just like Dani, and I think I know a lot of people who would want to be alone too. She was dealing with her stress on her own, and married couples do have to have some time away from their partners, just to cool off.

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Roberta Walker

Posted at 6:15 PM on October 2, 2012  

Dani is a very nice shy girl. Her sister Dina is a different story. She is bossy, opinionated, critical, and disrespectful towards Dani. A good example is when Kevin threw her a birthday party and acted like a whiny selfish little girl, yelling at Kevin for the hole he was digging in his backyard and how it was going to ruin her party instead of being grateful for Kevin’s generousity and hard work. I think Dani’s insecurity and shyness has a lot to do with Dina especially since Dani calls Dina a 2nd mom growing up. Dina needs to lay off Dani. Kevin and Dani are a wonderful humble loving couple, making it easy for Dina to manipulate

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Posted at 6:14 PM on October 2, 2012  

This episode was crazy for sure, I couldn’t believe Dani got as stressed as she did when Kevin just wanted to talk about his stressful day. He was talking about his career and she was stressed over a party. I’ve enjoyed watching this series, and it gives me and my DISH coworkers plenty to talk about. I usually don’t have time to watch at home though, so I watch on my phone while I commute, using the Dish Remote Access app. I love setting up timers and watching live and recorded shows all from my phone. I can’t wait to see what next week’s episode has in store!

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Brenda Miller

Posted at 7:01 PM on October 3, 2012  

I agree with you she was selfish like she did something to make her tired get a life Dani

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P in Troubler to statiee

Posted at 7:58 AM on October 1, 2012  

THEY don’t share bedroom in this show and they have their OWn BedRoom in real life since their are Married

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