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Sabrina Bryan’s ‘DWTS’ Blog, Week 1: Meet The Van Bryans

Thu, September 27, 2012 3:46pm EDT by 17 Comments

Sabrina takes behind the scenes of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ via her alter ego, The Dazzling Dynamo!

When I was selected at the Fan Favorite contestant on the all-star season of Dancing with the Stars, I was thrilled to be partnered with the very talented and all-around amazing guy, Louis Van Amstel. We’re taking inspiration from the show’s superhero-themed opening credits, and have decided that our superhero alter egos must come out to play this season. We had already chosen our “team” name of The Van Bryans, and the next logical step was to put a name to our superhero partnership.

Since Louis is originally from The Netherlands, The Dancing Dutchman was the obvious choice for him. For my name, we went back to season five, and one of Bruno Tonioli‘s comment when he called me a blonde dynamo. And the name The Dazzling Dynamo was born!

As we all know, every superhero must have a writer and illustrator to bring them to life. So, I asked Julia DeVillers, my partner-in-crime-fighting, and sometimes writing, to help bring to life the story of The Dancing Dutchman and the Dazzling Dynamo, and the journey that is Season 15 of Dancing With the Stars.

The equally talented and amazing Paige Pooler created the artwork for our story.

Enough of me, it’s time to get to the good stuff: behind the scenes at Dancing With the Stars: All Stars!



Chapter 1:

It’s Monday night and I’m waiting backstage for the start of the very first-ever Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars season. I’m in my first “superhero” costume: a hot pink dress (my favorite color) with thousands of sparkling beads. Whew, this costume is one hot number!

The Dancing Dutchman and I wait in suspense as we hear the announcer say those special words: “Live! From Hollywood! This is the premiere of the all-star season of…Dancing with the Stars!”

The music blasts from below. The audience goes crazy. As the brand-new Emmy award-winning host Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet intro the show, we hear the crowd go wild.

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson head down the stairs, followed by Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough. And then it’s time for The Van Bryans! I take a deep breath and move to the top of the stairs — and “whoa!” We get a view of the set and super doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s massive, multi-level and everything is bigger, brighter and better than season five.

If my eyes are full of shining lights, my ears are full of the cheers from the audience. I try to take it in — all of the ladies in the audience in their beautiful dresses and the guys in suits cheering us on. I spot my adorable friend Kyle Massey first, then I spy season-six champion Kristi Yamaguchi, Drew’s brother, Nick Lachey and Anthony Geary from General Hospital, there to support his friend Kelly Monaco!

If my superhero powers included flight, I’d be soaring right now. And then I hear Tom’s voice: “Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel!”

The Dancing Dutchman takes my hand and I practically float down the giant staircase with him. As we line up with our fellow dancers, I can’t help but think about how grateful I am to have been voted back on the show. It’s a wish come true. This time, I’m dancing for the fans, because without their votes, I wouldn’t be standing on this shiny floor!

After Joey & Kym’s cha cha and Shawn & Derek’s foxtrot, it’s our turn. The Dazzling Dutchman and I take the dance floor. We get in position and hear: “Dancing the Cha Cha Cha, Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel.”

The first notes of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction came on and I feel really, really happy! Did you see my huge smile as we took our first steps? Yes, later the judges would say I danced “too hard.” Well, maybe I did but there was just absolutely no way I could contain my excitement! Then comes the scary part: the judge’s scores.

From Carrie Ann Inaba: “My favorite firecracker is back in the house?! You are on fire!” (Aww, thanks Carrie Ann!)

Len Berman said I was like a hammer on the dance floor. Next time I’ll try to be a hammer in a different way — I want to nail my dance. (Bang!)

When Bruno said, “my God I’m happy you’re back,” you can tell I am too as I fling myself into the Dancing Dutchman’s arms!

7.5! 7.5! 7.5! A score of 22.5!

“You at home brought Sabrina Bryan back to the dance floor,” Brooke said after we got our scores. At that moment, I’m appreciating the fan vote more than ever…and I’m hoping you’ll bring me back for next week too!

Up in the Sky Box, Louis and I had a spectacular view of the ballroom. Dang, I was impressed with everyone’s dances. If I had only a word or two to describe each of my talented friends, they would be:

Joey – proud
Drew Lachey – impressed
Shawn – adorable
Apolo Anton Ohno – consistent
Bristol Palin – confidence
Gilles Marini– intimidating
Kelly – most improved
Pamela Anderson – dramatic
Kirstie Alley – elegant
Melissa Rycroft – showmanship
Helio Castroneves – charming
Emmitt Smith – wow factor

Thoughts were racing in my head as I watched everyone dance. Cheryl Burke‘s dress was perfect. I loved Gilles’ song. It was a great flashback watching Helio from my season dance. It also was bittersweet watching my former partner Mark Ballas dance with Bristol, and I couldn’t help but visualize myself in Bristol’s shoes doing that dance with Mark.

After a night of nervous tossing and turning, it was time to go back the ballroom to prepare for the Results Show. With an entire day to wonder if you’re safe or not, we all spend time joking around and having fun to release some of the tension.

The Results Show always offers great live entertainment and I was so proud to watch the pro dancers in their amazing number and my friends in the Dancing With The Stars troupe as well.

When they called Louis and me to the stage to find out our results, I was so nervous. Standing up there with Cheryl & Emmett and Gilles & Peta Murgatroyd, there was what Tom called “unintentional drama.” When Tom said “you are ALL safe” we didn’t realize he hadn’t said our names! It was hard to go from jumping up and down from joy and then go back to waiting for our fate. When Brooke told us we were safe, I was able to breath again.

In the end, Pam and Tristan MacManus were the ones to go home, and we are all going to miss them very much. It just goes to show that you can dance your best every Monday night, and sadly, you can still be eliminated!

So, the Dazzling Dynamo and the Dancing Dutchman will be back next week, dancing the Quickstep! I’m what some might call “obsessed” with my song we get to dance to, since it’s one of my all-time favorites!

These superheroes are heading back to the studio to conquer another dance – but I can’t leave without one final thank you to everyone who voted for us this week! We’re going to give you an amazing Quickstep in thanks!

— Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina & Julia started their writing collaboration with the book, PRINCESS OF GOSSIP, and Julia spends her time writing other hit books like the TRADING FACES and LIBERTY PORTER: FIRST DAUGHTER series of books. More about Julia can be found at:

Illustrations by Paige Pooler! Only Paige could capture the Dancing Dutchman and the Dazzling Dynamo as we really are. See some more of Paige’s work at: