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Amanda Bynes Locks Herself In NYC Bakery Bathroom For 30 Minutes

Thu, September 27, 2012 6:06pm EDT by Billy Nilles 6 Comments
Amanda Bynes Bathroom

Amanda has brought her bizarre behavior to the Big Apple, locking herself in a bathroom for a half an hour to “do her makeup,” according to a new report! has all the EXCLUSIVE details on how Amanda can save herself.

The bizarre saga of Amanda Bynes doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, as a new report claims that Amanda locked herself in the bathroom of the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in NYC’s Soho neighborhood for 30 minutes on Wednesday, Sept. 26!

Celebuzz reports that Amanda, 26, entered the bakery at 9:00 pm wearing headphones and sunglasses, ordering a cupcake and a cappuccino. During her two-hour stay, she disappeared into the restroom for so long, that a patron became concerned, according to an eyewitness.

The source reports, “He knocked on the bathroom door numerous times and called for her,” adding that the patron, a NYC firefighter, feared she might have passed out.

The staff closed the doors to the shop to focus on Amanda, even turning down the music to see if they could hear noise coming from the bathroom, the report reads. “[The firefighter] tried to get her to respond, through the door, for almost 15 minutes,” says the source. “Finally, he called the police and asked if he had their okay to break down the door.”

After hearing that, the source says Amanda calmly exited the bathroom, acting as if nothing was wrong. “She just calmly said, “Excuse me, I was doing my makeup,'” the witness says. She was then quickly escorted out the back door by an employee, just before 11:00 pm. spoke exclusively with the store manager of the Little Cupcake Bakeshop who told us, “Something like that happened. It was yesterday night. It wasn’t a big deal. She was in the bathroom doing her makeup and I guess she had her headphones on so she couldn’t hear the knocking on the door. When she came out she was very apologetic.” He also informed us that Amanda didn’t appear to be drunk or on drugs.

Top LA Attorney, Mychal Wilson, spoke with exclusively, regarding Amanda’s legal situation, telling us, “Amanda Bynes should have showed good faith by taking voluntary DUI classes and appearing in court for her suspended license hearing. If I were her lawyer, I would advise her to return to Los Angeles and immediately see a medical doctor who can evaluate her mental health.”

“Amanda’s lawyer should meet and confer with her family and have her medically evaluated by a psychiatrist. Her recent actions may mean that she is suffering from a drug addiction or a mental illness. If the physician determines that Amanda is mentally ill, then she should be placed under a conservatorship pursuant to the Lanterman Petris Short Act of 1967 (“LPS”). This option worked great for Britney Spears because presently it has turned her personal and professional life around.”

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— Reporting by Sandra Clark & Nicole Karlis

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