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WWE Superstar John “Bradshaw” Layfield Is Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro For Kids

Tue, September 25, 2012 3:29pm EDT by Russ Weakland Add first Comment
John Bradshaw Layfield Mount Kilimanjaro EXCLUSIVELY got to talk to John “Bradshaw” Layfield, former pro football player and longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown TV history who now currently runs Beyond Rugby Bermuda with the Family Center.

Former WWE Superstar John “Bradshaw” Layfield is now embarking on the Seven Summits Bermuda Challenge, its time to learn more about this amazing trek he is on and so much more from our EXCLUSIVE interview! Check it out!

By visiting the website,, you will be able to go along for the ride and learn about what is sure to be an amazing and rewarding experience that will end up helping less fortunate kids in Bermuda.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield says on the site, “Every kid has a mountain, we encourage them to climb them-step by step. We work with Bermuda’s kids on a daily basis helping them realize their dreams and potential. We do our best to lead by example-I’m a 45 year old man who has had a broken back, two herniated discs and nine major surgeries but I am no different from anyone else-we all have our own problems physical or otherwise. Everybody has got rent to pay and everyone has problems, it’s what you do with adversity that makes you successful. This is the message we tell kids and the message we live, and the message I want to instill in every young person we work with. This, to me, is the message of the Seven Summits Bermuda Challenge.”

But we also got to talk to the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown TV history for some fun EXCLUSIVE information on his trek, his career and returning to the WWE. This is what he had to say…

Are you scared in any way doing these climbs, they are life threatening?

JBL – “No I am not, I really don’t. It might be stupidity or naïveté but I really don’t have a fear of dying on these mountains or even getting hurt. I am going with great guides who have done these mountains many times, a lot of people do get hurt and die on these mountains especially when you get to the harder mountains but it is not a false bravado, I just don’t really think, I just don’t think its going to happen! It obviously could, hopefully my wife would be upset, it would be a shame if she doesn’t [Laughter} but I am focused on climbing the mountain. Its like going into a wrestling match, are you really worried about getting hurt? Its not like the danger isn’t there, its all about doing what you can do, and that is where my focus is on.”

You recently returned to the commentating table to great success, did you get the itch again to do it on a more permanent scale?

JBL – “Yeah I did! But its not my chair, its Jerry Lawler‘s and they asked me to fill in for Jerry and I was happy and honored to do it, but that is all that is, a fill in role. I have always enjoyed commentary, I have always enjoyed being around the WWE but I got a mountain to climb and the program that starts with my kids here in Bermuda, and that really is my only focus. It was fun to be back, its always fun to be back. But other than that I have a big mountain to climb…”

Would that be a similar answer for a return to the ring and one more match, maybe for a WrestleMania match? It is NYC, your backyard!

JBL – “I have zero and no desire for one more match. I mean you never say never, but I have no desire at all for one more match. WWE has never brought up one more match, so I don’t err see it happening. You never know, but I have no desire to have one! There certainly isn’t one in the cards, its something that I don’t care to do.”

How about the Hall of Fame, how would you feel if they cam to you this year about that?

JBL – “I would be tremendously honored if the Hall of Fame knocked on my door, that would be the biggest career highlight a person could ever have to even have my name mentioned as a possibility is quite an honor considering the great superstars that are in there. That is a lifetime achievement that is phenomenal. That is completely out of my control, I hope someday somebody puts my name up and I hope I am not laughed out of the room. But I can’t control that, it would be a tremendous honor. Its not something I am expecting. There are plenty of great performers that should go ahead of me in the Hall as very well they should be.”

If WWE Studios made a movie about your climbs, would you want to play yourself or have a big Hollywood actor take on the role of your story?

JBL – “I would like to have some good looking guy like Matt Damon to play me! He might have to wear stilts or something but with my ego I would want a really good looking person in that role. But then again, no one would believe that! [Laughter} Maybe I could make a reality show out of it. This is going to be tough and very physical to my body so I would love to see something done with the footage. So WWE can cover it in some way but as for a movie I don’t see it happening! I would really need someone good looking or maybe put a blonde wig on The Rock or something or Matt Damon on stilts! Somebody really good looking for sure.”

So HollywoodLifers, What do you think about this amazing climb that John “Bradshaw” Layfield is embarking on?

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