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Kristen Stewart: Her 5-Point Win Back Robert Pattinson Plan – That Worked

Fri, September 21, 2012 12:34pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 92 Comments
How Kristen Stewart Got Robert Pattinson Back
Getty, FameFlynet

Kristen Stewart — against long odds, you won Rob’s heart and forgiveness by apparently following a really smart plan. Here’s what you did right to get your man back.

Kristen Stewart — we’re so happy at that you and Rob are getting back together. You both still love each other and if you’ll be happier together than apart, then it’s the right thing to do.

Kristen- it’s clear now looking back at how you handled the post-cheating situation, that you must have followed a 5 Point Win Back Rob Plan, dictated by your heart. Most important, you knew your heart. You knew that you didn’t want to lose Rob. Despite the fact that you cheated, you knew that you loved Rob and that canoodling with Rupert Sanders was a huge mistake. That’s why you didn’t give up trying . Here’s what worked

1) Kristen — You Persisted in Trying to Win Robert Pattinson Back

Although at first it appeared to the outside world that it was a hopeless situation, Kristen, you didn’t give up. You publicly apologized immediately for your cheating so it was very clear that you were serious about owning up to your mistake and serious about your love for Rob.

Then, while Rob fled to Reese Witherspoon’s super private ranch in Ojai and reportedly refused to take your calls or answer your texts, you didn’t give up hope.

Apparently every time you did get through to Rob, you apologized over and over again.You were willing to grovel at Rob’s feet. You didn’t allow you ego to get in the way of your grovelling, and that was a good thing.

On August 30, your best friend actress Scout Taylor-Compton tweeted “never give up. never” and you apparently took her advice and didn’t give up.

Then on September 19, Scout tweeted, “believe, believe, believe. you are almost there,” and you did. That was smart because you realized that time was on your side.

You knew in your heart that Rob loved you and that if you persisted, he would miss you and his heart would soften. You were right;  he did.

2) Kristen — You Apologized Repeatedly

As I said above, as soon as your cheating was discovered, you didn’t hesitate — you apologized publicly, infamously admitting that the affair “jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him. I’m so sorry.”

It has been important for Rob to hear your apologies. And to hear your apologies over and over. The more you apologized, the more he was able to start to believe that you meant it.

The repetition gradually made him feel that he could trust your feelings.

3) Kristen — You Let Your Devastation Be Known

Kristen, you felt terrible — you still feel terrible — that you cheated and especially that you were discovered — you understood how much that hurt, embarrassed and humiliated Rob. It was a triple whammy for him.

That’s why it was important that he know how devastated you were by your own betrayal.

You let enough people around you know that you couldn’t eat, you couldn’t sleep, you could barely get out of bed, so that the word would get out and Rob would be aware of your massively depressed state.  You weren’t showering, changing your clothes or washing your hair. You barely had the will to live without Rob.

This was music to Rob’s ears. He was dealing with his own devastation. He was suffering, and it was important that he knew that you were suffering even more, and also that you were suffering the backlash of fans and many in the Hollywood community.

All of this allowed his natural love and concern for you — his empathy — to be aroused.

The point was — he still loved you. You knew he did, and you knew that eventually he wouldn’t be able to repress his normal worries for you even though you had let him down — his feelings were too ingrained.

4) Kristen — You Did a Great Job of Laying Low

Kristen — keeping out of sight of the paparazzi and of all your mutual friends, gave him a chance to wonder how you were doing and to both miss you and worry about you.

You knew Rob had always been protective of you and those feelings weren’t going to go away right away. They didn’t.

5) Kristen — Wearing Rob’s Clothes and Gifts Was Genius

Kristen — the very few times that you were out in public, it was the best move for Rob to see you wearing his clothes — his baseball cap, his backpack, his Irie t-shirt. You knew he would see the photos and that he would know that you were sending him a message of love. You were telling Rob that you missed him and were desperate to be close to him by wearing his clothes.

Rob would know you have loved his smell and to have his smell on you. You even talked about it to British Vogue in a new interview. “I love the way he smells,” you told the magazine. “I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. The smell of someone you love.”

Wearing Rob’s clothes was telegraphing a direct message to his heart about your feelings for him.

Finally — and this may have been the final move that won Rob back — you wore a locket Rob gave you prominently at two appearances promoting On the Road.

You first wore the $40,000 locket at The Toronto International Film Festival with your beautiful Zuhair Murad dress, on September 6th, and then in NYC with a black tank and white blouse.

Apparently, the locket contains photos of you and Rob and has a Latin inscription that reads, “Even if you can’t see me, my love for you is always there,” according to Ok! Magazine.

Even Rob had to feel his heart strings pulling Kristen. Now we know that you and Rob have a long way to go to rebuild the trust between you. You also have to understand that he is reportedly bucking the wishes of his sisters and some friends who don’t think he should be back together with you, so he is placing his love for you ahead of their influence. That’s big.

But Rob is wisely placing his own feelings and his relationship with you ahead of all that. After all, it’s his life, not their life. And if he is happier and his life is better with you in it, then he should be accepting your apologies, as he is doing.

Kristen — your apparent 5 Point Plan appears to have succeeded. Hollywoodlifers — take note if there is anything you can learn from it, even if you’ve never cheated on your man.

Do you think Kristen handled the past-cheating situation well or not? Tell me now!

— Bonnie Fuller

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