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Amanda Bynes May Be Suffering From Bipolar Disorder, Says Expert

Wed, September 19, 2012 6:57am EDT by 10 Comments
Amanda Bynes Bipolar Disorder

Amanda may be suffering from bipolar disorder and not even know it! has all the EXCLUSIVE details on why Amanda may need professional help.

Amanda Bynes has been acting out in ways that have many worried about her erratic behavior. Could she be suffering from a mental illness? Instead of ridiculing her, perhaps we should have compassion for this young actress who may be crying out for help.

Dr. Trevor Small, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Bridges To Recovery in Santa Monica tells exclusively, “Typically when someone has never had any problems with the law, and all of a sudden has a string of legal issues, then this could very well be a sign that that individual is suffering from a mental health issue, such as bipolar disorder.”

“A typical symptom of bipolar disorder is when someone starts to behave impulsively, for example driving your car even though you don’t have a driver’s license. A healthy individual would be able to recognize that this would not be a wise decision. When a person is impulsive, a sign of bipolar disorder, they do things without thinking like shaving their hair off or drastically changing their appearance.  When someone starts to act erratically and inconsistently with how they used to be, this could also be a sign of bipolar disorder. For example, locking yourself in a fitting room for over two hours. This is not normal behavior. Often times, the person will try and self medicate by using drugs and/or alcohol,” said Dr. Small.

“Another symptom of bipolar disorder is lack of sleep. While in the manic phase, the individual can go through long periods of having no sleep at all. During this phase, the person often feels above the law, more aggressive and restless. A lack of sleep increases the risk of erratic behavior and acting impulsively,” said Dr. Small.

“Being in the public eye makes it even more difficult to admit you have a problem,” explains Dr. Small. “A celebrity may worry about the impact a mental health issue could have on their career and personal relationships. There is a stigma attached to bipolar disorder that makes it incredibly difficult to get help. But help IS out there. Once that person is willing to get help and see a medical doctor, they don’t have to suffer anymore.”

 Do you think Amanda Bynes needs medical attention? What do YOU think HollywoodLifers?

Sandra Clark

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