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‘Switched At Birth’ Stars Reveal ‘Massive’ Drama As Season 1 Ends

Mon, September 17, 2012 4:36pm EDT by Andy Swift 68 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family (5)

Will Bay & Emmett get back together? What’s next for Daphne & Chef Jeff? The ‘Switched At Birth’ stars give the scoop!

The first season of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth may be nearing its end, but there are still plenty of surprises in store for the Kennish and Vasquez families. caught up with the show’s stars Sept. 13 at the launch of Switched at Birth: The True Story of a Mother’s Journey, and they dropped major spoilers from upcoming episodes — including whether or not Bay (Vanessa Marano) will give Emmett (Sean Berdy) a second chance!

OK, here’s what we found out:

There’s still hope for Bay & Emmett: “I don’t want my character to get back together with [Emmett], who cheated on her, but I think that’s going to happen,” Vanessa told us. “They have a relationship that’s kind of the great love of the show, and it’s a relationship that really resonated with fans. But, still, he cheated on her!”

Prepare for major courtroom drama: “When the lawsuit starts, it’s a whole new thing,” Lea Thompson teases. “When [the families] finally go to court, a lot of stuff comes out; and it’s going to propel us into season two.”

Sexy times for Daphne & Jeff: “Daphne is really excited about [Chef Jeff],” Katie Leclerc confessed. “With all the drama going on at home with Angelo, Daphne wants to spend as much time out of the house as possible — and she ends up spending it with Jeff! It’s a good escape.”

Expect to see some good in Angelo: “I firmly believe that, when I play my character, I’m not actually wrong at all,” Gilles Marini said. “It’s tough to play someone who’s a [jerk], but let me tell you, things will change at the end of the season. There’s a huge bang at the end. It’s massive.”

But don’t expect any changes from John: “Our showrunner recognizes that, as an ex-professional athlete, [John is] a little bit of a neanderthal sometimes in terms of how kids should … be disciplined,” D.W. Moffett pointed out. “I would not want my character to become super-understanding and supportive and the best dad ever.”

What do you make of these spoilers from the cast, Switched at Birth fans? Do you think Bay should give Emmett a second chance? Do you support Daphne & Chef Jeff getting together? Drop me a comment with your thoughts on the final episodes of season one!

— Andy Swift, reporting by Russ Weakland

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