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‘Married To Jonas’ Recap — Kevin Jonas Goes Into ‘Sheer Panic’

Sun, September 16, 2012 11:15pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 13 Comments
Married To Jonas Recap
Courtesy of E!

Kevin Jonas gets one of the scariest phone calls of his life and goes into ‘panic mode’ on the Sept. 16 episode of ‘Married To Jonas.’ Keep reading to see what happened!

Kevin Jonas is walking his dogs when he receives a super scary phone call from wife Danielle Jonas. He immediately gets into his car and speeds away!

Kevin Goes Into ‘Sheer Panic Mode’

Kevin comes home expecting Dani to already be there, but she’s about 20 minutes late. As he goes outside with the dogs, Dani calls him, saying she’s been in an accident, and to hurry.

Security cameras catch Kevin rushing around and speeding away towards his wife! Dani was in a bad car accident and ends up in the hospital. She’s mainly shaken up but has a huge black and blue bruise on her shoulder from her seat belt!

“She’s my number one priority. So whatever I need to do to make us the best we can be, that’s now going to be my number one priority,” Kevin says as he’s taking care of her! Awww! We’re so happy she’s ok!

This scary moment wasn’t the only thing caught on security footage — we also saw Dani’s father Bucky cleaning and organizing their backyard! He came over without their knowledge — hysterical!

Father Of The Year

Kevin and Dani fly to L.A. to be with the Jonas family as Kevin Jonas Sr. receives Father Of The Year from the Diabetes Foundation.

The foundation has been a big part of their life since Nick was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 13. Kevin Jr. says his father is the most “gracious” man — such a sweet moment!

Living The Social Life

Kevin gets an invitation to be on the cover of Social Life magazine with Danielle. He’s immediately into the idea while Dani is terrified.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to being in the limelight with Kevin. People call me a gold digger and say I’m ugly. It’s hard.”

To try to get her to loosen up, Dani’s sister Dina brings her to “movement training” for help posing for the camera.

“I’m smiling about it but I’m terrified,” says Dani. The shoot is amazing, with the couple even posing in a gorgeous, rooftop pool!

Dani’s Dinner Breakdown

Kevin and Dani go out for a “relaxing” dinner with Dina and her husband Brian. It turns into a heated argument about having children. Kevin argues that Dani will be 26 this year, and by the time she has a second child, she will be 30.

Then, by the time the kids are 18, Kevin and Dani will be almost 50! This makes Dani super stressed as she doesn’t want to raise kids on the road.

As Kevin and Danielle see one of the first images from the glamourous Social Life photo shoot, she gets very emotional and disappointed.

Dani actually starts crying as she starts to think about how people will react. “I hate doing this stuff. I always disappoint myself.” Kevin, Dina and Brian tell her the pictures are amazing but she won’t believe them.

Was this the most dramatic episode yet, HollywoodLifers?


— Dory Larrabee

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