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Kristen Stewart Is In Denial Of Failed Relationship, Expert Says

Thu, September 13, 2012 4:25pm EDT by 58 Comments

Kristen is really having trouble moving on from her relationship with Rob. Should she seek therapy?

Breakups are always tough to stomach, but Kristen Stewart just can’t seem to accept that her relationship with Robert Pattinson has ended.
“I think that Kristen is still stuck in stage one of the five stages of grief, which is denial,” Dr. Ava Cadell, founder of Loveology University tells exclusively. “With all her success in other parts of her life, it’s difficult for her to accept that this happening to her.”

Kristen has been on a downward spiral since the two separated in mid July after news of her cheating scandal went public.

“Relationships that die often cause a similar grieving cycle as when a loved on passes away,” adds relationship expert Dr. Phil Dembo. “Whether you caused the relationship die, or not, the grief is often overwhelming.”

Instead of mourning, Kristen has made it her mission to get Rob back. According to various reports, she’s been calling and texting him nonstop since the split.

“Kristen needs to work with a therapist to help her through the first stage and when she is no longer in denial, help her to release her ‘anger’ in a productive manner,” Dr. Cadell urges.

Though it may take months before Kristen can move onto the subsequent stages, including “bargaining,” “depression” and “acceptance,” Kristen needs to find a way to fully process the breakup.

“Kristen must accept the truth of her circumstance, learn about herself in this process and move beyond the grief into a vision for a life after Rob,” asserts Dr. Dembo.

Though moving on is easier said than done, “With guidance, the outcome of Kristen’s devastating relationship loss will ultimately help her to be a wiser person and a better partner,” explains Dr. Cadell. “We learn the best lessons from the failures in our lives.”

Do YOU think Kristen should see a therapist to help her heal?

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