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‘RHONY’ Recap: St. Barth’s Trip Ends On A Sour Note

Mon, September 10, 2012 11:38pm EDT by Chris Rogers 9 Comments
The Real Housewives of New York City Recap
Courtesy of Bravo

The ladies trip to St. Barth’s turns into a couples retreat — and Ramona isn’t happy. Will Ramona keep her cool or wreak havoc like an unwanted hurricane?

On the Sept. 10 episode of The Real Housewives of New York Citya trip to St. Barth’s comes to a close, but not before some more drama is caused by the one and only Ramona Singer.

The episode picks up with Ramona complaining that the “girls trip” has now turned into what seems like a couples retreat. Her and Sonja Morgan sit down and ponder whether they really are white trash — a term that Aviva Drescher called them in last week’s episode. (I personally loved how Sonja admitted they do act that way at times, but Ramona just pretended to not know what the term means.)

Carole Radziwill pops into the room when Ramona and Sonja are complaining about the girls going out with their men. And to make matters worse, Aviva Drescher enters as well and quickly begins to defend her husband! Aviva claims that Sonja and Ramona only care about partying. Ramona takes back her apology from last week and orders Aviva to leave her room!

Of course, Aviva isn’t budging and she can’t stop suggesting that the ladies should have put up a banner and red carpet for her husband’s arrival.

LuAnn de Lesseps doesn’t allow the ladies’ fight to ruin the luncheon at her favorite hot spot. But while the ladies remove themselves from the situation, the situation can’t be removed from them. They do nothing but talk about Aviva’s issues and her phobias — leading into a conversation about planes. Carole has to leave the table because the story reminds her of a time when her friends died in a plane crash (The Kennedys).

Sonja lets Heather Thomson know that only the couples were invited to dinner that night and Heather can’t even fathom the idea. She storms off back to the villa. (Way to stir the pot, Sonja.)

Aviva confronts Sonja and lets her know that she’s a hypocrite for calling the vacation a “girls trip” when all she does is bring men home to the villa at night. Aviva tells Sonja she’s acting like someone from a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ video and she’s too old to be acting this way. “I’m hurt,” Sonja tells Aviva.

On the final day of their trip, Carole sets up a spa day to try and ease the tension. Sonja wants nothing to do with Aviva.

After a group dinner that night, Sonja and Ramona opt to head back to the villa instead of a planned trip for everyone to watch Carole’s boyfriend Russ perform.

When the ladies return to the villa, they notice that Sonja and Ramona had a little party of their own. And Aviva compares Sonja to Anna Nicole Smith — marrying a rich man, losing him and then being on a downward spiral. Ouch!

And yet, somehow, all the ladies end up in the pool together as though nothing happened.

How do YOU feel about tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers?

— Christopher Rogers