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Kristen Stewart Is Going Through ‘Emotional Turmoil’ Says Body Language Expert

Mon, September 10, 2012 4:33pm EDT by Chloe Melas 30 Comments
Kristen Stewart
Courtesy Youtube

We thought Kristen looked incredibly uncomfortable in an interview promoting her new movie ‘On The Road’ and’s resident body language expert revealed that we were right! Read on to get the scoop and how she can tell Kristen is upset.

Kristen Stewart is doing her absolute best to handle her cheating scandal with grace but even a smile can’t hide that she’s sad. The incredibly smart, usually articulate actress, went to the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 6. While there, she did an interview with CTV’s eTalk, where she was squirming and couldn’t really stay focused in the interview and knows why!

Dr. Lillian Glass, is a body language expert who has worked with the FBI for years and knows the signals of when someone is uncomfortable and can almost predict a break up just by the way the couple are holding hands! But in this new interview, there are some distinct examples that can show you just how upset and uncomfortable Kristen is now that she’s back in the spotlight.

“Kristen is antsy and fidgety and can barely stand to be in her own skin in the beginning of the interview,” Dr. Glass tells us. “She plays with her hair and finally for the first time ever we see Kristin sitting up straight. She is literally bracing herself for the interview, she looks very tense.”

Something that Dr. Glass found very telling into her current state of mind, is that she didn’t directly answer any question, she would sort of trail off.

“She answers the questions with her head cocked, indicating insecurity as she plays with her hair to indicate her nervousness,” she tells us. “She also stammers on many words as she processes both the question and her answer. It was very uncomfortable for her and very uncomfortable to watch, as you can see what emotional turmoil she is experiencing.”

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