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Bachelor Pad Finale Recap: Major Bombs Were Dropped

Mon, September 10, 2012 10:04pm EDT by 28 Comments
Bachelor Season Three Finale
Courtesy of ABC

Wow, talk about a fiery finale! The wrath of the women comes down on Chris, Blakeley and Tony just might live happily ever after and Rachel is devastated not once but twice. Read on for all the details!

Chris Harrison sits down with the cast to talk about the season and find out where people stand. Immediately, the drama begins.

Lindzi and Kalon are still dating, yet Erica tells Lindzi she should be careful since she’s seen Kalon around town with different women and knows he was in Houston with his ex-girlfriend.

Michael says, “did I go onto Bachelor Pad three looking for a wife? No, because it’s Bachelor Pad.” He also reveals that while he enjoyed making out, hanging out and sleeping with Rachel, he ‘didn’t think there was enough there to continue the relationship.’

Meanwhile, in romance news, Blakeley says, “Tony lifted a weight off my shoulders and made everything okay….I don’t know what I did to deserve someone like him.” She says she’s ‘never had anyone make me feel like this’ and reveals she’s in love with Tony.

Tony, “I came out with the best thing I could ever ask for…..I’m madly in love with this girl” The couple reveals they’re moving in together–Blakeley’s headed to Portland. And then, drumroll please…..Tony asks Blakeley to marry him and she says, ‘absolutely!’

Then the four remaining couples take the stage. Rachel talks about her relationship with Michael. “I was falling in love with Michael.” She says he was so into her on the show and that he hadn’t felt like this since his last relationship. However, once he got off show he was distant and cold. Michael said he wasn’t falling in love and didn’t want to continue a long distance relationship. Rachel says, she was “crushed when I heard Michael was dating someone else the whole time.”

Chris says it was tough for him to watch the triangle with Jamie and Blakeley . His family was really disappointed in him. Jamie says, “Emily was wise to see right through you and you wouldn’t have been a good father to Ricki.”

Jaclyn asks Rachel why she didn’t fight to keep her. Rachel says she fought tooth and nail, but ultimately Nick says they would have a better chance of winning by keeping Chris and Sarah in the final.

The cast then writes down their picks for which couple they want to win. Nick and Rachel win the vote.

Deliberation begins. Nick and Rachel are lead to private rooms where they must decide what to do with the money. If both choose “share,” they share the money, if both choose “keep,” the money is split between the castmates and if one picks “share” and the other picks “keep,” the one who choses “keep” gets the money.

Nick reveals he’s played the game alone, no one believed in him, not even Rachel and he opts to keep the money and therefore keep all the money!

Rachel is floored and devastated and tells Nick he’s ‘disgusting’. Nick could care less and leaves the show even though Rachel pleads with him for an explanation.


HollywoodLifers, do you think Nick played the game well? Or should he have split the money? Sound off below

–Jennifer Tzeses

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