Tom Cruise Won’t Give Up On Suri Being A Scientologist

Sat, September 8, 2012 12:45pm EST by 8 Comments
Tom Cruise Suri Cruise
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Posted at 5:11 PM on September 9, 2012  

When parents are of different religions as seems to be the case here (if it’s correct that Katie has returned to Catholicism), then there’ll always be a wish by each parent for their child to eventually share their beliefs. So yes, it’s possible Suri will have some Sciemtology ideas mentioned in her hearing when with her father and some Catholic ideas mentioned when with her mother. I don’t think there’ll be any overt attempt to influence her beliefs as this would seem to go against the spirit of their divorce agreement. She’ll learn about different religions at school, I imagine, though perhaps not about Scientology, and in the end it’ll be up to Suri herself. Maybe when she learns more about religion in general and some of the problems it can cause, some of the dreadful things done both within some religions and in the name of religion, she’ll decide she’s better without one!

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Dean Fox

Posted at 6:01 PM on September 9, 2012  

The problem is you cannot trust a member of the church of scientology, especially one so demonstrably in its thrall as Tom Cruise because their allegence is to the church of scientology above all else.

Besides even If Tom ostencibly sticks to his agreement he’s surrounded by church of scientology minders, the same ones that poisoned Conner and Isabella against Nicole. Tom won’t have to mention “scientology” the minders can do it all.

Also they’re very good at not mentioning scientology while instilling ideas in keeping with their ideology in to the vulnerable, Suri might be told how there are wicked people in the world and how to recognise them. They probably won’t say Katie is one, though they certainly view her as one, they will gently nudge Suri towards her own “realisation”.

They may well try to make Katie out to be paranoid or seriously mess with her head; they did this with Paulette Cooper including having someone befriend her who was working for the church of scientology.

I really hope that in five or tens years I’m proven wrong and Katie and Suri have a strong loving mother and daughter relationship. Better yet Tom has come to his senses. Even better the church of scientology and its leader David Miscavige are a distant memory.

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Posted at 4:18 PM on September 9, 2012  

Look, Katie is an adult and she has enough brains and financial resources at her disposal to properly protect her daughter! I think people should all butt out of her business and stop watching her and Suri.

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mark haffenreffer

Posted at 9:23 AM on September 9, 2012  

what will happen is that they will turn this into a rebellious move for Suri with her mother. “Don’t tell your mother that you took this questionaire or that you are auditing.” It happened to me with my child and it will happen to Katie Holmes. Thought control is poorly understood but very very powerful and Scientology leads the list.

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Dean Fox

Posted at 4:10 PM on September 8, 2012  

I really feel for Katie and Suri. Tom is surrounded by church of scientology minders; the ones Katie had to evade as part of her escape.

When ever Suri is with Tom his minders will be chatting with her every chance they get. Even if Tom doesn’t mention scientology to Suri you can bet his minders will. Just as they did with Isabella and Conner, they will try to teach Suri about suppressive people and then get her to see Katie as one, someone not to be trusted and someone from whom should keep secrets from. They probably won’t mention “scientology” though.

This puts Katie in an awkward position because when she comes back she will wonder what they’ve said to her. If she questions Suri though this will only reinforce the insidious teachings of the cult. Even forewarning Suri could backfire.

I really hope the church of scientology don’t manage to do what they did to Isabella and Conner. I’d like to say I think Tom Cruise will wake up one day but I doubt he knows what’s really happening; all he’ll know is that he must stay away from all the negativity out here, they call it “entheta”, and that’s enough for him to keep right on blindly supporting a cult and it’s leader who only wants him because he’s useful and financially beneficial to them.

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Posted at 5:21 PM on September 8, 2012  

I wish they could have demanded strict monitoring when Suri was with her dad. His sisters are so brainwashed as well and all of them are going to destroy that child. God bless Katie in her fight against that occultic based, evil doctrine.

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Dean Fox

Posted at 6:13 PM on September 8, 2012  

Totally agree, I widh dhe’d opted for a proper divorce in the courts and the media. Maybe she would have got supervised visitation.

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Posted at 2:42 PM on September 8, 2012  

The cup she has is huge she can’t even put her hands around it

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