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Kristen Stewart’s ‘On The Road’ Receives Mixed Reviews From Critics

Fri, September 7, 2012 2:47pm EDT by 11 Comments

Despite its salacious sex scenes, not everyone is loving ‘On The Road.’ Check out the mixed reviews below!

Though we had high hopes for Kristen Stewart‘s On The Road, critics just couldn’t seem to agree as to whether they liked the film adaptation of the iconic coming-of-age novel, directed by Walter Salles.

Here’s a breakdown of the reviews:

Entertainment Weekly:

“What he doesn’t give us – and what makes the book work – is Kerouac’s bedazzled bohemian swoon. Without it, On the Road is a curiously remote experience, all reason and no rhyme.”

Time Out Chicago:

“This is On the Road as experienced by someone who exhibits no personality, a story of self-discovery in which there’s no self to discover.”

The List:

“What we’re left with is a pleasant story of a group of friends on a road trip, not the captivating, liberating spirit of Kerouac’s classic.”


“Derogatory dismissals of prosaic visual experiences have been around since, well, someone was bored to tears. To the poetic hyperbole of watching paint dry, or grass grow, we can add: watching a writer write.”

The Hollywood Reporter:

“While the film’s dramatic impact is variable, visually and aurally it is a constant pleasure.”

But even if the reviews of On The Road are varied, Twilight fans won’t want to miss Kristen in her edgiest role yet!

Are you planning on seeing the film?

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