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‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Part 1: Catelynn Makes Big Announcement

Wed, September 5, 2012 2:53pm EDT by 2 Comments
Teen Mom reuinion
Courtesy of MTV

On part one of the ‘Teen Mom’ finale reunion special, Dr. Drew sat down with Catelynn, Tyler, and Farrah to discuss how much their lives have changed since the show began three years ago. Read on to find out what happened.

The original Teen Mom cast closed the curtain on their four-season-long reality TV show, and the girls joined for a final reunion to reflect on their journey from 16 & Pregnant to today. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made a major announcement, and Farrah Abraham opened up about why she thinks it’s so difficult for her to date.

Catelynn finally set the date! 

Catelynn and Tyler made the announcement that they have officially set their wedding date! When Dr. Drew Pinksy asked what made them want to bump up their wedding — they had originally planned to get married after they graduated college — they said it just felt right. Catelynn said they have been together for almost eight years, and they didn’t want to prolong it anymore.

Then Dr. Drew delved deeper into each of their issues, and asked why Catelynn and Tyler each were rebellious teens and acted out so much. Catelynn admitted that a lot of her problems stemmed from her mom always being drunk, and her dad leaving her family when she was 12. Her fiance also had similar problems “I was a really bad kid,” Tyler said. “I had a really bad problem with authoritative figures… I always felt like I had something to prove.”

But the couple said that years of going to therapy helped them out tremendously, and they are going to school and working towards a career in counseling and social work to help others. Unfortunately, Tyler’s relationship with his dad Butch has not gotten much better, but he said he still “can’t give up on the guy,” and said he never sent the letter he wrote on the series finale. April, on the other hand, is more than 30 days sober! But she is still addicted to Butch, and dosen’t know how to handle the situation.

Aside from their upcoming nuptials, Catelynn and Tyler also confessed that the best thing in their lives right now is spending time with their daughter Carly, whom they put up for adoption, and keeping in touch with her.

“I’m just excited to watch her grow,” Catelynn said. “I think that’s the best thing.”

Farrah said she still gets overwhelmed

Farrah told Dr. Drew that she still feels bad about leaving her daughter Sophia to live with her mom Debra in order to finish school and get her life back on track. Although things are better now, Farrah said she still gets overwhelmed.

She also opened up about the relationships we saw in season 4. Adam, she said, wasn’t mature and not very kid-friendly. And Daniel, on the other hand, wasn’t being “true to himself,” and she believed both men were only with her to get face time on TV! “It was a good experience to go through,” she said, and insists she will recognize people with bad intentions next time. As far as pressuring Daniel to propose, Farrah said that comes with the territory of having a young daughter — and she didn’t pressure him to commit, so much as she wanted to make sure he was mature enough to handle her as a young mother with a toddler.

When mom Debra joined Farrah on stage, Farrah said that growing up with Debra was tough because she was working too much and didn’t spend enough time with her kids. Farrah said she was always with her dad (her parents have since divorced), and even now they act flirtatious and like they want to be back together. Debra however said that at the end of the day, she will always love her ex Michael and she isn’t sure what the future holds. But overall, Farrah said she has grown up and matured since she was first on the show.

Next week, we’ll hear from Maci Bookout and get an update from how Amber Portwood is doing in jail.

Check out the clip from the reunion!

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What did YOU think of the reunion HollyMoms? Any major shockers?

— Christina Stiehl

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