Shannon Woodward: I’m Not Dating Robert Pattinson

Mon, September 3, 2012 9:51am EDT by 69 Comments
Robert Pattinson Dating
FameFlynet/Courtesy of Twitter

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Posted at 12:29 PM on September 7, 2012  

People just need to leave it alone. Rob needs to talk to Kristen, Kristen needs to talk to Rob. It is what it is and alot of it is fueled by media. People are going to say what they wanna say look at it how they want to look at it. They can’t be Edward and Bella forever and they can’t leave this unresolved forever and force there self to move on. Its good they both have people who they are turning to but they also need to turn to there mutual friends to. Yes I understand that what she did was wrong and clearly there is alot of regret on her part. But if he is not going to forgive then that needs to be let known to her so she can prepare for what is next and what needs to be done. I understand he is the hurt party in this and needs to figure out his next move as well. Life is not perfect it is full of mistakes whether dwelling on them or moving from them is up to them. Its up to them to decide are we strong enough to stand through this or are we just another couple who came together in our careers that brought us together or are we weak enough to end as the movie that brought us together. Just my thoughts have a great day.

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Posted at 7:29 AM on September 4, 2012  

I’ve said it many times before, Rob is his worst enemy. He is a bottom feeder. Kristen made a stupid horrendous mistake, but she has apologized and has suffered deeply. Rob didn’t treat her hardly any differently before the silly scandal. He is a lying player. He loves the ladies, boozing, drugs and partying. He loves his so called friend Katy more than Kristen. He will break his neck to support and take care of her. I could go on and on, but if you cling to hard partiers, and coke hores like Katy and Shannon, you are doing the same thing as they are. Kristen has been paddling upstream with this user and loser from day one. After promos, her burdens will get lighther and she will find someone who truly loves her. While the real Rob will be revealed to all of the fans that he has played, because his cover which was Kristen will be gone. You will see soon that I am right.

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Sakti Violy F. Kumar

Posted at 10:36 AM on September 4, 2012  

I so agree with you

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Posted at 6:01 AM on September 4, 2012  

I just have one thing to say. Who the eff cares?! I’m so over this “huge scandal”. I care more about people dying in wars and muggings and being raped or robbed blind. That is the stuff you people should be focusing on. Not some affair that happened how long ago? It isn’t the end of the worl. Seriously. Get a grip. Prioritize and stop being pathetic.

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Posted at 4:36 AM on September 4, 2012  

We dont know if he landed in LA or hes going somewhere because i read the tweets and one said that he was headed to a connection flight but hes not sure or he might have gone to a private exit so he wouldnt go through the front so if a paparazzi was there so nobody really know if he just came to LA today or hes going to london but london is the only place i cpuld think of because his family and friends are there right now he dosent have any projects but we dont know we just have to wait and see.

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Posted at 5:46 AM on September 4, 2012  

He is coming back to LA so he can support Katy Perry at the VMA Awards on Sept. 6. I bet we will soon see a lot of pics of him at the VMA Award After Parties for you know he LIKES to party and he likes the females (as the pictures have proven over the years). His fans should also know he has to support his so called friend on her big night for he has been supporting her faithfully since December 2011. To bad he didn’t show Kristen any of his faithful support during all her award dinners, premiers, award shows and out of country media obligations. Just goes to show you he has been a better friend to Katy than he was a boyfriend to Kristen for 4 years. Got to love him for all his support and partying! I guess he will show his broken heart face to his fans because you know he has to get those tickets sold like he did for his Cosmo movie. Girls, get your billfolds open for Rob and your pitchforks and torches ready for Kristen for Rob is coming back to LA to milk his fans some more.

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Posted at 3:02 AM on September 4, 2012  

Rob should be grateful for Kristen for many things – his fame, his money, her friendship and love. That’s absolutely true. BUT – he paid off with his feelings and support for her and then – she did unbelievable awful thing – she cheated and made a fool of him in public. If he can’t get over it – it’s his choice, you can’t make him live with the girl he can’t trust anymore. But there’s no reason to bash him – he’s suffering and he is the victim after all.

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Posted at 2:14 AM on September 4, 2012  

She made a stupid mistake out there, but they have known her more than 10 min. I do not condone cheating, but things are not black and white in life.I am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitеPlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with beautiful and excellent people! Your life is not just a bad pic, it is a movie. It is easy to accuse and beat people down when you are not in their shoes, because you find satisfaction in their unfortunate situations.

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Rob is dating

Posted at 2:10 AM on September 4, 2012  

Rob is out and about dating. He took a date to SoHo London last week so I don’t think he’s all that upset about Kristen cheating. It’s only been a little over a month so one has to wonder if he really even cared.

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Posted at 4:58 AM on September 4, 2012  

Was this the picture posted on CelebratyBuzz where he is hiding behind a brick wall and a man is looking around the corner before motioning to Rob to come out. Looks like someone else is behind him in the picture too. He has on a sports coat, jeans, a tie and a dark button down shirt. Guess he thinks dressing up will help with his morals and values now. The caption under the pictures read “Trying to avoid being mobbed by his fans”. More like trying to hide that he was never in love with Kristen and is not as broken hearted as he has milked it to his fans. He has another girl and doesn’t want the fans to know he played them and Kristen for fools to better his career goals. Keep them hating Kristen so they will swoon over him at the BD2 promos. If he is just coming off of a 4 year I really loved this girl relationship then he sure bounced back realy quick for someone last week who was so broken hearted and hurt as he made his fans think he was.

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Posted at 1:57 AM on September 4, 2012  

OK people may I ask a question – if Kristen didn’t love Rob why is it she came running every time there were pictures of him out and about with females in the early hours of the morning. This included Sarah Roemer.When he was filming COSMOPOLIS in Vancouver and there were pictures of him out and about with Caitlin Cronenberg quite a few times, Kristen went running to Vancouver and when she got there about 11pm, at night security put her in Rob’sTrailer because he was still on set. When she was in PARIS for her perfume shoot Rob was seen out and about with Katy Perry Justin an Selena. When Justin and Selena left he was with Katy Perry until early hours of the morning, when he should have been at home. When he was in Germany doing BD1 Prmotions he was seen going to Bar 1000 and meeting up with a woman with short blonde hair and they left together in a car in the early hours of the morning.There was also the rumour that both he and Ashley Greene were making all that noise which was coming from his hotel room while they were doing BD1 Promotions that the management had to go and speak to him about it. When Kristen asked him about it when he caught up with him in LA he told her it wasn’t him. Also it was said that Rob was continually texting katy Perry everyday during her divorce from Russell Brand and everyday after her divorce. I read that kristen was annoyed about it. I can understand once a week/fortnight but everyday that’s not natural. Let me ask you something ladies if you were Kristen and Rob was your boyfriend how would you all feel if he did that to you while you were away filming and you couldn’t get away from filming and you just had to look at the pictures that were published wouldn’t you be upset by them. Don’t you think that Rob should have just stayed home while Kristen was away. When she was fiming SWATH she hurt herself a few times and Rob did not go running. He only ran there when Kristen wouldn’t answer her phone for 2 days. So was it really true love for Rob. I am not taking sides here. I am just curious. Was there something going on behind their closed doors that no-one knows about. Was there possibly something that Rob was not giving Kristen in their relationship that she needed. As they say it takes 2 people to make a relationship. I thought they had a great relationship. Please can get some amswers.

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Young people with money go out a lot

Posted at 1:40 PM on September 4, 2012  

* I remember Kristen stating that she was filming and when she got hurt filming SWATH, she went home to Rob at the house in London that they/he was renting. She said he took care of her, and cracked a lot of jokes to make her feel better. [Rupert Sanders also made comments in an interview- about seeing a tall guy in a baseball hat on set (it was Rob) many times. Rupert was laughing about it, I think he was in competion with Rob, but that is another subject.]
* Katy Perry has been a friend for 5 years, and Kristen hung around with Katy, leading Katy’s entourage at Coachella (outdoor concert). Kristen spoke about this on one of the late night talk shows.
* Kristen and Rob and other people were also photographed with Katy behind the scenes, when she was making her movie.
* Caitlin Cronenberg worked on the film, they never dated. She is the director’s daughter, for crying out loud.
* Same thing with Sarah Roehmer, they never dated, nothing happened between them.
* Rob was not with Katy after Selena and Justin left, Katy left with her band/ other people?
Rob, Selena and Justin went to a restaurant to eat.
Who cares? Rob would not hurt Kristen on purpose. If he was such a player, there would be pictures and stories – lots of people coming out and talking about it.

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