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A ‘Project Runway’ First — No Designer Gets Sent Home

Fri, August 31, 2012 10:13am EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis Add first Comment
Project Runway Recap Season 10 Episode 7
Courtesy of Lifetime

The competition is getting tougher, as the contestants compete for a chance to have a design sold in Lord & Taylor! Read on for Michael Costello’s hysterical recap as he takes us through all the drama from last night.

Fabio is happy about being on the top when the episode opens. Chris was looking forward to having the apartment to himself, but not quite yet — even if you do flip your hair like Cher! We also discover that Sonjia is not only a silk chiffon hater but a man hater as well.

As Heidi asked the designers if they were tired yet, Christopher gets worried and yells, “Oh No.” (Hello Heidi, by the way. Looking lovely as always). For this challenge the designers meet Tim Gunn at the Lord and Taylor flagship store, along with the lovely Bonnie Brooks, President of Lord and Taylor. The challenge is presented as designing a cocktail dress for Lord and Taylor to be sold in their stores and online. The dress will also be featured in the windows of the flagship NYC Lord and Taylor store on 5th Avenue. For inspiration, there were 9 other Project Runway alums featured for their designs that will also be sold at Lord and Taylor stores.

My friend Seth Aaron’s dress really caught my eye. Great job Seth. Gunnar is ready to take on this challenge since he “always” works with the everyday consumer. Gunnar also thinks he is a very classy lady and wants to do something inspired by Jay McCarrol’s design — but just wait until he hears about the budget. Oh wait…there isn’t one!

For this challenge J&S manufacturing is providing all the fabrics, as well as creating all the dresses. No trip to Mood this week…sorry swatch, catch ya next episode!

Dmitry is going simple again, (way to really think outside the box), I am curious to see how this one seam dress will look. Oh wait…will there be 2 seams?! WOAH dream big. I do happen to like Dmitry, but I would like to see some more imagination — maybe a separates outfit or something long!

Elena is upset yet again. I thought maybe someone had put a glue gun on her workstation, but no, I think it just might be Elena. I mean I love the girl, but if you look in the dictionary under ‘Drama’ you would see Elena’s picture.

(Just throwing this out there cause I miss it: Heeeey Taylor Momsen/ Melissa who is rocking the up-do this episode — looking great!)

Chris is opting for something long, romantic and chic — way to go Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more. Alicia is loving silk for this challenge. She is inspired by the vintage Chanel drop waist. Uh oh! Does this mark the emergence of another ‘silk chiffonsy’? Watch out Alicia, Sonia might be chopping off those braids in the night for her next outfit if you keep it up! You know how she gets about you silk chiffonsy’s.

Alicia starts picking on my little Christopher, saying he always does the same techniques and pleats. It’s enough, and although I agree with you Alicia, it works in his favor because he is excellent at it. How many challenges have you won Alicia? Thank you…

Now we’re back in the workroom. This is not Elena’s challenge…but then again when is it Elena’s challenge? What would you describe as your perfect challenge, I am DYING to know. Not every challenge can be “please design a look for an avant-garde warrior princess”, (in which we are sure you would win).

As we look around the room we see that Gunnar has started a love affair with his fabric, and Elena has become his new best friend? I don’t understand this relationship at all. I would love for someone to clue me in on how they became friends.

Lets keep in mind that the dresses have to retail between $200-$300. Sonjia is having a meltdown and is kicking herself down in the gutter. Thank goodness coach Gunn is there to help boost her up!

As Alicia is finishing her dress, all I can think of is a dominatrix tennis player. Umm Alicia how is this dress inspired by Chanel?

Elena instantly feels like all of the challenges are made for him and they all work to his advantage. She doesn’t understand how they do not see the value in her avant-garde style.

Can we cut to one of my favorite one-liners of the episode said by Christopher? “Hi I am Melissa, and I am into leather…raawwrrr…”

Gunnar is inspired by a matador, what is this? Why does he always want Tim to come up to his design and say “Ole”? Were you a bullfighter in your past life Gunnar?

Tim was great at helping Elena through this challenge, thank goodness for Coach Gunn. He has always been a great help to all of the designers that have been on the show. Elena is terrified of being on the bottom, and she just can’t understand why she is always bottoming. On a side note bottoming is not that bad Elena….well occasionally, just ask your best friend Gunnar, I am sure he could give you some good tips on how to take it like a warrior! Just kidding…love you Elena.

Oh wait, and then there’s the florist Ven…but who cares about him anyway.!!!!

Melissa seems to be creating something that resembles her win from a few weeks ago. Let’s hope there isn’t 2 one trick ponies on this season. I can tell she is having a hard time because she is not feeling good. I think it is a good idea to start a new dress, which is a great idea. It was a good thing Fabio was there to help her. Good job Fabio, this show is a great place to make friends.

Runway day is here. Fabio is loving Dmitry’s dress, and I can tell maybe he loves a little more than the dress. Melissa is going a bit crazy and working until the last minute…which ends up being well worth it.

Tim comes in to check on all the designers getting their models ready, and they are all at the sewing machine. This is a sign that the designers have started to hit a wall. Stop worrying about silk chiffonsys and other people’s designs and just make it work.

On the runway, Heidi seems to have taken inspiration from a very famous diva…Jessica Rabbit. It’s cute but also looks like a strawberry disco ball. Guest judge Bonnie Brooks from Lord and Taylor is there.

Fabio and Melissa really killed it this episode. Elena also put out an amazing dress, Dmitry has excellent fit, and Chris made something beautiful and Alicia’s dress made me sick to my stomach.

Dmitry, Sonjia, and the florist (can’t wait to see his next floral arrangement), are all safe. Christopher, Melissa, Elena and Fabio are on the top. Gunnar and Alicia are on the bottom.

All four designers on the top had a fantastic score, especially with that fantastic convo she had with Heidi.

It is no shock that Christopher wins this challenge, although the colors weren’t exactly my favorite, the design was beautiful and he deserved to be at Lord and Taylor.

As the two bottoms are there waiting to get sent home…pause pause pause pause…we are left anticipating who will go home. Alicia is sent back stage and Gunnar is OUT or is he???? For a first time in Project Runway history no designer is sent home because they all did well at the challenge. Lucky Tim Gunn doesn’t have to send anyone back to clean up their workspace!

I am very excited that I will be attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week finale show to see the collections of our final three designers. I wish all the designers luck!

Michael Costello

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