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Kristen Stewart & Miley Cyrus: You’re Making A Big Mistake To Put Men Ahead Of Your Careers

Thu, August 30, 2012 3:50pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 45 Comments

Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus are reportedly placing more importance on their relationships than their careers right now, and that’s not good for the long-term at all!

Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus — I realize that you’re both madly in love and both having a hard time thinking about anything beyond your men right now.

Yes, you are both in completely different love circumstances. Kirsten, you’re reeling from being dumped by Robert Pattinson after cheating on him with your Snow White and The Huntsman film director, Rupert Sanders.

Miley, you’re engaged to Liam Hemsworth, the man of your dreams.

However, you both are so obsessed with your love life situations that you’re back-burning your careers, and that’s a huge mistake.

Kristen, you’ve been in hiding since your cheating scandal broke and have dropped out of the film Cali, which you were also supposed to co-produce. Fortunately for you Kristen, has heard exclusively that the movie will be put on hold until you’re ready to film it and that you won’t lose the role.

However, your romantic situation has also made it difficult for Summit Entertainment, which produces Breaking Dawn Part 2 to plan your promotional schedule, and they can’t be happy with that.


Then we’ve also read that during a recent emotional phone call with Rob, that you promised that you’d do anything for him to win his trust back. That included cutting back on work so you “could follow him around the world,” according to Look magazine.

Listen, I understand Kristen, that you’re desperate to win Rob back after betraying him but you are just 22-years-old and at the peak of a red-hot career. Do you really want to be damaging that career because you’re heartbroken?

Kristen, if you thought that playing the role of Mya, a petty thief returning to California to save her sister in Cali, was a terrific idea on July 23rd, the day before your cheating photos went public, then why isn’t it the right idea now?


Think of it this way Kristen — if you weren’t a huge Hollywood star and had a normal job like the rest of us, then you wouldn’t just be able to quit work because you made a stupid mistake and your boyfriend broke up with you. You’d still have to pay your rent. You’d be forced to carry on and continue your career.

And you know what, that would be a good thing. In the world today, most women aren’t fulfilled by their love lives alone. Their career is their passion as well, and you’ve always been incredibly passionate about yours.

I agree that if you and Rob do decide to get back together, it’s important to work together to make time for each other and to nurture your relationship. But telling Rob that you will wholesale put his career first and will follow him around the world, could ultimately end up with you resenting him and that’s not good for either of you.

Meanwhile, Miley — where has your career gone? You’ve got a gorgeous engagement ring and a sweet hunk of a fiance but you’re just 19. You’re far too young to throw in the towel on your own ambitions, in order to hang with your love.


Yes, you’ve been working for many years already so I can understand you wanting to take a break, but you’re at a critical career juncture now.

You’ve left Hannah Montana behind and you’re ready to establish your new adult career, but you need to make that move. The public and fans can have a short memory. You’d surely, like it for your fans to grow along with you.

But we hear from a source close to you that you’ve taken time off to be with Liam and that your main concern right now is just focusing on your relationship with Liam.

That’s fine. Why not enjoy being young and in love, BUT you are a talented, creative young woman and you also need to express yourself. We also hear at that you’ve worked on a new album with Pharrell Williams and you talked about how excited you were with it in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine.

So what happened? Why isn’t it finished?


Just like Kristen, you may feel that your love life needs to come first right now, but you need to be careful if you continue only down that road. At some point you may start to resent Liam, if you don’t have a career that satisfies YOU.

Miley, you and Kristen like almost all young women today need to have both a passionate love life and a career you’re passionate about in order to have real, long-lasting happiness.

Kristen and Miley, you can’t short change yourself on your careers. If you do, you will end up feeling like you’ve lost yourselves. A man can’t be your everything! You need to still be yourself to be able to love your man and to love yourself. What do you think Hollywoodlifers — should Kristen and Miley sacrifice their careers for love? Would you?

Bonnie Fuller

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